Brass Flower And Leaf Wall Art Light Gold - Opalhouse™

Vintage Inspired Frames

Growing up my mom had this huge gallery wall – which is still up, full of family photos. It was nice to see it growing up when I was younger to see key people who were important in our lives – aunties, uncles, related, some not but still like family. Family far away, living in Taiwan, and those we see regularly.

Wall color: Origami White, Sherwin-Williams / Wall sconce: High Street Market / 8×10 Frame: Target

I bought these brass frames online for no reason other than I thought they were beautiful, and since they were from Target they were also very affordable. I really wanted to print an image of me and Benjamin from Yellowstone, our Christmas card photo that had a rainbow in the background.

These vintage inspired brass frames are from the Opalhouse line at Target. I hung them up with no photos in them. They sat there for a good hour as I started to think about what to put in them. I just knew I didn’t want to put photos of us in them.

I wanted a cohesive look in the photos, so, black and white, maybe? Something in me just didn’t want to put us in the frames. We have enough of those around our home (and I don’t especially love an abundance of family photos to be honest, and felt relieved in my thoughts about that the I heard a designer on Ballard Designs’ podcast express the same thoughts!).

I remembered I had old family photos! These are photos I’ve just taken when I was back home and ones that have traveled with me from when my grandma passed away when I was in junior high I remember taking these images and keeping them. Somehow, they have managed to stay mine in my journey here to Phoenix.

Vertical Three Frame Wall Sculpture Light Gold - Opalhouse™

Vertical three frame: Target

The top is my mom in her celebrity singing days, cute pose mom. Then my dad as a little boy, digging his vest, I mean adorable. And the bottom is my paternal grandmother and grandfather. I never met my paternal grandfather, he passed away with my dad was in college. My yun-yun though, I knew her growing up, we saw her weekly.


I remember this photo of her (below) hanging in her apartment at the senior living home. My grandma wasn’t in a nursing home, she was very independent and had her place in downtown Sacramento, my dad moved her there from San Fransisco. She often babysat my younger brother and I on weekends so my parents could have a date night and make us macaroni and cheese from a box – and I always thought it was the best when she made.

Yun-yun also used to cut open my cereal boxes from the bottom so I could have the prize first and not have to go through an entire box of cereal to get to the prize.

What ever happened to those prizes anymore? The 80s were so good. It was funny to see upside own cereal boxes on top of the fridge because we did that for every cereal box. Asian efficiency.

I distinctly remember being very young, a tween, and tripping over something, like a piece of furniture or knocking over the phone in yun-yun’s apartment to take a closer look at this photo.  I said, “Wow, yun-yun you were so beautiful!” and here it is. I love that I get to see this in my house now, it brings back that exact memory and of her.

I also think we should bring back shots like this. There is nothing more glamorous or timeless than these images.

I also wanted to touch briefly upon this image below, of my grandmother and grandfather. The back there was my grandmother’s handwriting that said, “Hong Kong Studio ’64 Opera Star ….” and the opera star’s name. I love that I know the story behind this.

I also found the family Lake Tahoe house, which is no longer in the family but I asked my dad about it. These captions written on the back are special, I wonder if my grandma would have even thought one day her granddaughter would put it in a frame and want to know the story behind it.

Maybe it’s time we print out more photos off our camera and write on the backs of them? You never know where their journey may end.

Vertical Three Frame Wall Sculpture Light Gold - Opalhouse™

I need to get a few of Benjamin’s family of course, and on one of the bookshelves right now is the flag presented to Benjamin’s late grandma (who recently passed just shy of her 95th birthday) when grandpa passed away, in honor of his service of WWII.

The expansion room is filled with black and white images of family. Maybe it’s time to dust off some of your albums, take them out of their and enjoy them? I think you’ll love it, and these frames are pretty perfect for the occasion too – and priced under $25 each! xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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