Lilly Pulitzer Lucinda Dress + Lux Hallie Sneaker with Kate Spade spring forward watering can

Summer plans

Lilly Pulitzer Lucinda Dress + Lux Hallie Sneaker with Kate Spade spring forward watering can

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (c/o) / Sneaks: Lilly Pulitzer c/o) / Spring forward watering can bag: Kate Spade (sold out – find it here and here)

‘m not ready for summer to get here because summer here is well, we don’t have to go there. However, I am determined to make the best of it and probably work on some wallpapering projects so I’m going to say wahoo about that!

I have a few projects I want to work on and the heat will keep me indoors or it will make me wake up, run my errands before it’s blazing hot out and get a lot done. I still have my writing project to work on so maybe I can tackle that and then check it off my list and move on.  I know I’ll regret it and feel disobedient to the Lord if I don’t do it even though trust me, it’s like one of those things I’m not feeling at the moment. But, it will be done and I’m sure when I get back around to it I will be passionate about it.

I thought I’d share some summer plans, even though I really don’t have a TON just yet since summer is just about to begin. But maybe we can say, some plans and a few goals?

  • A trip up to Strawberry and stay at The Strawberry Inn of course to spend time with our good friends. This we actually have booked, a collaboration with Lexus.
  • Get a new slipcover made for the living room – you may recall this task has been on the to do list and I thought I was going somewhere with it. I was corresponding with someone local but she disappeared so I am going to go back to an online source and crossing my fingers. Fabric samples are on the way, and it my take all summer to get this done, but that’s ok! I’m less antsy about it now than I was a few months ago.
  • Get new pillow covers for my office and living room couch, I didn’t say this list was going to be very exciting. ;)
  • Visit my friend in Costa Mesa, I used to do this every summer for years until she got married two years ago. Haha, well that’s not really the issue because I love her husband but they were living in another state. Now they are back in CM and I can visit! You know I haven’t been on a plane since this whole COVID thing happened only because it seems like such a drag at the moment to travel. But, this will be a short flight!

There are other projects to get to, but I don’t want to make a crazy list because I usually will be overwhelmed and the list is already in my head. There are ideas I need to have to move on projects but truthfully, I don’t have any ideas. For instance, we sort of need a backyard design but at the moment I’m pretty exhausted thinking about it so I’m not going to move until I feel passionate about it!

If you ever feel like you know you need to get to something, if there isn’t really a deadline for it, just relax. When the passion and ideas come, you’ll know and feel it and then roll with it. I have found there is little to no point putting it on a to-do list and let it haunt you for weeks and in return you may speed through it and wish you had waited.

I mean, it took us 8 years to figure out what to do with our expansion and landscaping. (See expansion we call the garden room, the open air garage, and the kitchen garden).

Lilly Pulitzer Lucinda Dress + Lux Hallie Sneaker with Kate Spade spring forward watering can



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