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My New Office Plan – Last look photos

I’m currently reassembling my office together but the leopard wool carpet is installed as of last week. Here are the new plans that I have for it so far, and a few before images of the space over the years.

home interior blogger photographer home office decor - leopard print carpet Diana Elizabeth's office featuring Coastal Living by Stanley Furniture Oasis Cape Dutch Writing Desk

Bow pants: eShakti c/o (wearing size 2, probably could wear a size 4 with the smocked waist) / Scalloped top: eShakti c/o wearing size 2 fitted. Customized to fit my body type and design preferences. Design your own!

t’s not done yet it’s not done yet its not done yet! OK now that I said that, let’s dive in. It’s been three years and well, here we are again with like the fourth facelift of my home office space. It’s currently empty looking and well, thank goodness because I need a restart!

Now, let’s just go through the years so I can show you how normal it is for a space to evolve, our tastes to change, and our budget to increase. Yes I am absolutely justifying my behavior of redecorating over the years.

First moved in, around 2013, I actually painted this room this color. I know. Um, I just took colors from my townhome and moved them over. The walls before were beige.  Let’s not ever paint walls yellow again unless it’s yellow wallpaper.

^^ Boy I miss that large bulletin board. I made it myself when I lived in the townhome over 10 years ago and it was filled with cards and inspiration and kept my creative juices going. Of course then I started to feel like it was cluttered so I think I donated it. I guess I can always make one again.

Repainted the walls, and moved furniture around, installed a skylight to make it brighter and bought a rather LARGE couch the size of a twin bed:

Got a new chair and some artwork (gifted collaboration):

I splurged and got this desk. Ok so let me tell you a story that may help you in the future. This desk varies from $1500-$1700. I know, but it’s what I wanted. So I bought it and it arrived I think from Wayfair or some big online retailer.

Well, when it arrived there was a big scratch on it and no I won’t tell you where because I don’t need you to notice it. Of course with paying that much there better darn well be NO scratches on it EVER, so the movers told me to call and say I want a discount because they don’t want them to have to pick it up again and store it and ship it because the major cost is that – and the company has to pay monthly for the warehouse storage! So I called, and I negotiated and didn’t want it unless it was perfect so then I ended up getting this desk for $700 in the end!! WOW! I mean, feel free to damage my furniture anytime delivery guys (or whoever did it). So make sure you use that knowledge in the future.

blogger photographer home office decor Diana Elizabeth's office featuring Coastal Living by Stanley Furniture Oasis Cape Dutch Writing Desk

And since then I got a new chair but I never reposted an office tour because I still felt stuck with what I had and wanted a change. Here’s what I’ve purchased for the next office face lift –


I have always wanted a burl wood table or burl wood something! I was looking at a burl wood dinning table years ago before I found the RH one we have now. I was looking at this console for the laundry room makeover but it was too wide. Then I saw it again and realized it was PERFECT for the corner by the couch. It won’t arrive until mid-September and I had to pay a 50% deposit, but I guess I’ve waited 3 months for the leopard print carpet so why not wait some more! CB2, Niche Burl wood Console Table.


leopard wool carpet

Wool leopard carpet

I love wool because all of our rugs in our home are wool. It also has more plushness to it. When we install we are doing a double stick method which will make it only 3/8″ height because I want it to be like a wool rug on a hard surface, not squishy like our carpet in our bedrooms (which is also a low-pile ivory carpet). Leopard carpet source: Contact K Design.


8″ Staffordshire Dog Pair

I’ve always wanted a pair of Staffordshire dogs, and until I can get my hands on an antique pair, these replicas will work great. They will probably go on the shelf of my office desk bookcase when they come in. Wayfair.


chinese oriental panel screen mother of pearl eBay

Vintage Chinese Panel from eBay

I have been looking for months – a Chinese panel to put over my couch. It’s a look I’ve been coveting since I saw James T. Farmer put them everywhere in his Southern homes he designs. It’s a vibe. Now, my parents have a screen similar but it goes over their fireplace so as I recall, it’s smaller. I know I’ll inherit it but I also don’t know when I have time to get it from Sacramento so I decided to buy one.

There are so many screens if you search Chinese, Asian or Oriental – panel, screen, and some are not worth the look if you ask me – they just look too, new or too basic even with colors. I found a few in an ideal budget like under $400, but they didn’t make my heart sing. I wanted so badly to find a mother of pearl on black look and this one came from an estate sale in California. Of course it was more than I wanted to pay and the shipping is always the worst with pieces like this ($200) on top of the price but in the end, I know I will look at it every day and just be ELATED I scored this one of a kind piece I will use as art! I mean look at the detail on this! I will have to figure out a safe and secure way to mount it.

I plan on swapping pillow covers out since I had some light leopard and now that might need to change (we’ll see), and I need to fill some wall space too. I’m just going to enjoy the process of decorating and fill it up slowly.

I am thinking of adding more trim somewhere in the office too, but again, this will all take time and that’s OK! I can’t be done or else you know it means I’ll be working on another space. Ha!

Last look at how the office was

Of course since I’ve taken this photo 3 years ago, I’ve moved the mirror and replaced the chair and moved the bright rug to another spot in my house, got a new lamp, BUT here’s pretty much an idea of what it looks like before as we are installing the wool carpet now.

blogger photographer home office decor Diana Elizabeth's office featuring Coastal Living by Stanley Furniture Oasis Cape Dutch Writing Deskblogger photographer home office decor Diana Elizabeth - wearing white top with blue and white stripe pants sitting on Coastal Living by Stanley Furniture Oasis Cape Dutch Writing Desk

^^Taken at 3 years ago.

I’ve debated to rearrange the layout of the furniture but it’s not going to work any other way really and I like to be right undertone skylight and have the window to my right when I’m working. Also my monitor is so nice and large I can hide behind it while working and no one can really see me working when the French doors are closed.

But I love the bookcase display and that is the first thing that is seen when you walk through our front doors and you look into the room. I am hoping I can take a day to style it because it’s never been perfect – and I would like to at least be done touching it for a good year, is that possible? Probably not.

Well, I better get back to putting my things back in my drawers and such – and hopefully purging as well because I realize how much excess I have of things. Other rooms, I’m coming for you.

Diana Elizabeth has been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift lately, her latest stuff. She’s not a huge fan or anything but she likes her chill melodies lately. Kind of Anthro vibe to it.


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