Goodbye Townhome

Today, I am moving.

Therefore I thought an appropriate post would be an ode to my townhome.

When I moved from Los Angeles to Phoenix over six years ago, I moved to an apartment on Van Buren Street downtown.  Yeah, I know.  Thanks for the lack of recommendations, Phoenix friends.  At least it was gated and it was by my new employer The Arizona Republic and I lived there for only three months while I shopped around for a home in the Central Phoenix area.  Being a city girl, I knew I wanted to live close to everything – Scottsdale and the up and coming downtown. I also believe that any place that takes longer than 30 minutes to get to is just too far and you shouldn’t be living there to begin with.

It was a relentless search, really.  It was during the spike of the market and I wasn’t even sure how I’d find the right place, price, or location.  When it comes to real estate and having bought my second home, please allow me to give you the biggest and most important advice that was given to me by a makeup artist when I told him I was researching for a pad: Location first!

You can always change the inside.  You can rip things out, but you cannot physically move where your home is grounded.  The amenities, the freeways you are close to, the malls, airport, the school district (nothing I have to take into consideration yet but still important in terms of resale value). Taking that in mind, I found this darling townhome nestled in a prime location of the city that I adored.  Well, enough to paint the walls, scrape the popcorn ceilings and replace every light fixture, light panel, air vent and install custom wood shutters.  (I know now you’re no longer surprised about my changes to the new house).

It has been a wonderful six years and I’m happy to have some lovely girls move in and love it so wonderfully as I have while I move to a new single family home. I think my friends are more saddened by my move since there are so many memories shared at the townhome but I’m excited to create new ones with them and my clients in my new location.

Here’s a peek how I have been living for the past few years in my two bedroom, three bath and 1650 square foot two-story townhome.

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Onto new designs, beginnings and interior decorating!

Diana Elizabeth sold a lot of her belongings to her friends via Facebook. It was like an online garage sale. The less she has to take over to the new home the better since she already bought everything new online.  East Coast Traditional, here – we – come!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.

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