In the zone

It’s been a bit of work, or a lot of work around here so it’s been hard to come up with some ideas to share, so for now, let’s just talk like friends, because that’s how I like to blog!

ow are you? No really, how are you? I am feeling like many of my friends in the thick of it. The thick of what, maybe it’s the busy season, wrapping things up, summer excitement (or dread haha!)

Right now I’m on the couch on my laptop, watching Amy Tan’s Unintended Memoir on Netflix. Have you seen The Joy Luck Club? If you haven’t, please put it on your watch list this weekend. It’s a book turned movie that impacted me heavily, made me feel seen and if you are unfamiliar with Asian American culture or Asian culture in general, a truly remarkable movie – and based on true stories from Amy Tan’s mother’s past turned into characters. It’s intense, but wow is it just that movie that you’ll never forget. I also have Minari on my watch list this weekend – a movie about a Korean family moving to America. I saw a video of the little boy accept a critics choice award and cried and it made me cry that I had to look up the movie.

Anyway, how about some total blog worthy randomness like we did in the old blogging days? Let’s do this!

It’s peony season

I ran to Trader Joe’s at 8 am down the street and found them! I filled up my floral bucket, walked around the store and noticed everyone looking at my flowers. So weird. Then I walked to the register, caught a glimpse of the peony section and saw a “2 per customer please” limit sign. What. So I had to put one back, womp womp. Guess it means I’ll have to go back again! Speaking of peonies, my mom wanted them for Mother’s Day, “The ones with the stick in the ground,” so off to Home Depot she went to buy a few and I sent her a check to pay for them because I wish I could have bought them for her myself!

Filler lips without the needles

Mail time – I want to do a post once a month with things I get in the mail. Should I? This came in the mail, the Plump Shot Collagen-Infused Lip Serum by Buxom Cosmetics.  The 4.6 star reviews look good and I’m so excited to try it. I also have to say PR boxes often blow me away at the creativity and time brands put into it. However, they know it will be blasted and shared all over social media so it’s worth it.

A new bamboo shelving

I found this bamboo shelving piece at Antique Trove in Scottsdale. I’ve been looking for a bamboo table for a while, and found one on FB Marketplace but just wasn’t sure I’d love it. The one listed was for $125 and then I found this at the store for $175 and I really loved it. I took this photo, thought about it all weekend, those details really get me, they look like bee hives – so I had Benjamin drive me over there before Saturday night church service since it was kind of on the way. I don’t have a designated spot for it but only know it belongs in my home.

Couch slipcover project

Yes the project I’ve been trying to tackle since January is maybe moving along. I’m back at square one but with the sample fabrics from the original brand (Comfort Works) to have a custom slipcover made. These are the two varieties, the first one with the dark blue piping is actually theirs, and the bottom is an inspiration of another color variety. I am leaning toward the light blue and dark blue piping. I think it looks more sophisticated and less beachy. Instagram disagrees 😆 which is so typical of me to go the opposite of the popular vote. I have requested more samples because I’m not sold on the texture of the fabric and I’m definitely one of those texture nuts.

The Digital Darkroom book

I’m on a photography book PR list and I love it! I recently received this book, The Digital Darkroom, in the mail that teaches photoshop tricks and tips! I’m really excited to take time (I need to force myself to sit down) and flip through it and see what I can learn. Perhaps actually open up an image and do the steps! I believe photoshop is the final touch, SOOC (straight out of camera) is just not a finished product. The editing is where the fun begins, you probably know this about me.

Tree bench

I saw this and now I want a tree bench. I look at it and I see that Benjamin will probably think oh great, how will I mow around this? Hmmm, not my problem but isn’t that cute? I think I need one. Not quite sure which tree I’ll put it around but I’ll keep you posted if it happens. We also want to buy a backyard robot lawnmower since the one we had with a collaboration (Honda Miimo) crapped out and the brand never got back in touch with me to repair it. Boo. We won’t be buying that trust me.

Photography work

I photographed my longtime college friend Melissa for her LinkedIn profile. She had been using a photo I took of her over 10 years ago, haha! It was fun to take some headshots for her and I’ve been busy with photography these past few weeks. I just shot for my church for a new marriage retreat study that’s in the works, our trust attorneys law firm, and have a CPA corporate shoot early tomorrow morning, long time clients of mine I love.

I love my photography work and sometimes when I’m overloaded with the work (happily might I add) I just can’t focus on the other things I have going on too. So this is what we get, a life update!

Well I better get to bed. I sure appreciate you being here and letting me share my life with you. Remember to watch The Joy Luck Club this weekend! xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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