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Friend’s Watching Party for HBO Reunion Special

I hosted a Friends watching party when HBO aired a Friends reunion special and I never shared the images, so here we are! I want to share it and then I will back date it to when it was actually done for my own personal purposes :)

friends theme party

f you are a true Friends fan if you know this scene. I love that my girlfriends are so funny and go along with my crazy ideas like replicating scenes!

This was from May 2021 and I am shocked I never posted about it, but I think I was still thinking this blog needed to be so perfect with images and now that I’m beyond over that (and I hope you are too) here are some pictures from my iPhone and some story shots. Maybe this will give you some ideas if you have a party or just inspire you to have some fun themed parties! I am already planning my next themed party (more on that later).

The Friends food

friends party theme

We had:

  • Chandler’s Mac and cheese
  • Monica’s dirty salad
  • Phoebe’s grandmother’s cookies
  • The Joey Special (two pizzas!)
  • Chandler’s stolen cheesecake

My friends brought the salad and the cheesecake! So sweet :)

I printed of some labels and used a Friends font. I even decorated the door!

Friends television theme party

The party favors

friends party favor ideas socks friends tv theme

There are usually Friends themed socks at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s but I couldn’t find them when I needed them of course! So I headed to Amazon and found some Friends socks.

We cozied up for the hour and watched together and had a blast eating and laughing.

Sometimes (most of the time) watching shows are much more fun with Friends, don’t you think?

Diana Elizabeth will be organizing her posts and rename the Food category to Parties or something because she wants to share every big and small party even if imperfect because it’s nice to look back and just share. Let’s bring blogging back! Thanks for reading! 


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