green gingham tablecloth tea party chocolate cake grain free green gingham tablecloth

Tea Time with Vintage Desert Rose Dinnerware

Franciscan Desert Rose is trending right now, and I had to grab a few pieces (they are everywhere) and set the table for a spring tea time look. Let’s talk about this very popular 1940s dinnerware and how it’s trending again.

green gingham tablecloth tea party chocolate cake grain free green gingham tablecloth

Using some of my favorite colors and pattern, green gingham, it was easy to set the table with this small collection I recently found at Antique Trove. I bought the plates and saucers for about $4 each on sale.

I shot this for a campaign for Instagram but I didn’t want to waste the inspiration and the set up so I took some extra images for the blog. I hope this can encourage you to have a little tea party with some friends and slow down over some great conversation. I have to say that I love about 95% of what I own. I think it takes time, and a maturity of knowing what you like and what makes you happy that comes with age.

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desert rose tea party

^^ The Franciscan Desert Rose pattern was first manufactured in the early 1940s and is considered the best-selling American dinnerware pattern in history. Today, it’s trending among grandmillennials like myself, and you can find it at thrift and antique stores.

I recently found a large set on Facebook Marketplace for $250. I didn’t buy it but I definitely saved it because I wanted to see how long it would take for someone to scoop it up! It was a HUGE lot of probably 80 pieces if not more. I don’t have the storage – although I probably do if we’re being honest I have LOTS of storage spaces around here but I know deep down I don’t need it. It did hurt a little to see it was sold when I checked on it but I’m also glad someone will enjoy it.


You will find pieces from the dinnerware in various antique and vintage stores. If you want to buy a few pieces, look for the bottom stamp to read made in California, in the USA (which means made in the 1940s), followed by made in England (1980s), followed by made in China (2000s). That is my personal preference of buying order – although made in England is great quality too, I would prefer USA or England.


A 5-piece place setting is about $25. I found the cups and saucers for $10 and the plates for $9 each with an additional 40% off all pieces at the Antique Trove in Scottsdale. They are common and not pricey – I found an entire set and serving platters and more, at Antique Marketplace.

It’s not worth a lot, but it’s never about that. If you love it, get its and USE it. Life is fleeting, enjoy your things. Have you seen this pattern before or do you own some pieces?


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English roses
English garden roses with chocolate cake tea party
pink sugar In Eiffel Tower

I’ve indulged in so many trends and always within budget.

Traveling and watching lots of British drama (to offset the lack of traveling lately), has shaped what I gravitate toward bringing in my home. Also, my house isn’t just for me. I don’t make my garden or home beautiful for social or the blog, though I very much enjoy sharing it with you (and so glad you are here!), but this home is for my friends, my family, visitors who become new friends and a place that I want everyone to feel welcome and make memories with me. It’s also important since this is my little hobbit hole that I am happy and pleased with seeing what’s around me and what inspires me. So if you are still in your decorating journey, I hope you are having fun.

Diana Elizabeth has a busy work week next week and so she is going to walk around some antique stores this week!


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