Selena inspired costume and cover album

Selena Inspired Cover Album

Selena inspired costume and cover album

ell I should finally publish this, we took this tribute photo when Selena the first season was trending and I never got around to posting it. Then time passed and well, here we are with season 2 on Netflix out so I will post!

I could go on and on about how much I loved Selena growing up and I’m sure many of you did too. I remember listening to her CD  laying in bed in jr. high and I’m pretty sure tears even rolled down my face listening to that amazing voice of hers as I daydreamed about my crush.  Wow teen hormones! “I could fall in love” and “Dreaming of You” were my favorites.

I’ve been really enjoying the series and getting to know more about her story, the dedication of her family and how sweet Selena was, and all she was to the Latino music community.

If you missed my creative photo series when I was just needing something DIFFERENT, you an see the Twilight look (which ended up being our Christmas cards) then Mulan, then Harry Potter, and kept going with Mariah. It was fun to have a creative outlet for myself that stretched my photography creativity and photoshop too.

Why I love these creative photo edits

The hunt for the costume is the most fun. Then the lighting, I get to push myself as a photographer and guess the lighting set up and mimic it. Then perhaps my most favorite part, the creative photo editing! I can find backgrounds, Photoshop them and take the inspiration and make it my own interpretation and then post it to see what my followers and readers think!

I’ve received a few DMs telling me my feed is fun and entertaining and I just love that. I use it for work, but also just to have fun and have community. When I need an answer, I hop on and ask. When I discover something that I think is useful or aspirational, I hop on and share. But the conversations are just the best, and I hope you liked this Selena cover! (Click here to see my Mariah Carey)

The Selena Album Cover photography BTS

I understand directional light and I knew this lighting would be better off being natural light opposed to studio. We shot in the garden room with skylights and transoms coming through the very white room.

  • I always print out a copy of the inspiration for reference
  • I want it to be as close as possible but I won’t freak out if it’s not 100% copy cat – it just needs to look similar enough – that’s the best part, too identical is boring and just looks like I photoshopped my face.
  • I added lots of noise to the image to make it more vintage looking
  • I used double sided tape to keep the ruffles laying the way I want on the black leather jacket

This wasn’t an album I was familiar with as this is not the English version but I still felt this album cover is pretty iconic!

Get the Selena Cover album look

Diana Elizabeth is getting her wool leopard print carpet installed in the office today! yay!

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