So far this year (and still on my IG break)

appy New year!

^^ I finally removed the zinnias due to fungus (it’s a summer flower) and cleared out the beds!

Just a few days unattached to my phone (I announced taking a break off IG) and not sitting at my computer (except now as Netflix is on so I’m multi-tasking) I have already felt like I’ve gotten the ball rolling with my to-do list.

Death cleaning?

I’ve been purging home decor, ironing – and bleaching dinner napkins, tablecloths, more purging of the closet, donating. I have enough for another garage sale, after last time’s earnings of $1200, I should have another one, but I’m a little lazy and tired, so off to a single mom they go, and my favorite donation thrift store (Hospice of the Valley, White Dove Thrift).

In the beginning I felt very guilty about the “waste” I’ve created but thankfully Vicky reminded me that I am not throwing them away but giving it to a friend who I know will use everything, or an organization who can sell it and fund their services, and also a lot of what I buy now are from thrift or antique stores. While I wouldn’t consider myself green environmentalist citizen of the world, I do feel a bit better about my own footprint. But don’t tell me about the Amazon Prime truck’s carbon footprint on all my online orders, or the hair spray I use, I’m not a saint.

I am contemplating buying the kindle of this book, a concept I’ve heard about – death cleaning the Swedish do. I also love Sweden and the people by the way, what a country! Anyway, here’s the link – The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter (The Swedish Art of Living & Dying Series).

Sometimes when you enjoy purging you also want to read about it, haha!

I have a few days off – my “back to work” day is January 17 but I have a very long to-do list of getting life in order, and I actually want to take a break not from work but socially too – there’s always time for the social but I need this time to run errands and make appointments. Not entirely fun but it’s personal time for my life to get in order and feel like the house is too!

My break off Instagram

I don’t think I have an unhealthy relationship with IG, but I do think it fills my brain with a lot of information, maybe too much at times I feel overwhelmed – but also inspired. I am glad to have this break and look, already I have more time and thoughts to share on the blog!

I saw this sign that said, Make sure you love your real life not just your life on Instagram. I loved that! Yes! I also could add another one – Make sure you work on your real community not just an online community. Our life offline is much more important!

We have pruned the orchard, pruned back roses, and fertilized the trees. I’ve been able to sit back and take in so many things and observations and be present! I love IG for many reasons but sometimes even consuming it can be an overwhelm of information.

I bought a few new things

This black table called my name and when I walked back around the store I went back because I really loved it. Then I saw it was 20% off the entire booth, even better!

Also bought this teapot, it was in new condition from a home reselling store (My Sister’s Attic) it’s a limited edition Waterford called songbird pagoda. Excuse all the other Christmas junk around – I was taking a photo to share it with a friend so it’s an in the moment pic, not a blog pic :) I should also say my mom and dad bought them for me! My mom kind of commands my dad to bring out his wallet, haha!

How about some photos of crazy cute Asians?

Grateful for some down time with family. I am also so grateful for rest!!

Diana Elizabeth is ready to go back to the garden but it’s been quite cold in Phoenix!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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