Sweet Scented Summer Beauty


Triple Sec, $26 / Whish Body Butter, $15 / Vaseline Spray Moisturizer, $6

Summer can smell so sweet with these three that have purpose, and great scent. Also, last product – GENIUS.

#1 Triple Sec

This 3-in-1 dry shampoo, texturizer, and volumizer gives you three excuses to put it on – make that four – it can be your scent for the day.

Smells like: Sweet, cotton candy, heaven – I guess that’s what Triple Sec the alcohol smells like? My girlfriend Lauren who blogs about holistic fitness and eating, met up with me for breakfast and hugged me, and immediately said, “What are you wearing?!”

Buy it here for $26 at Sephora.

#2 Whish Body Shower Gel/Butter

The Whish line just came out with their soda fountain collection – black cherry, ginger melon, key lime and orange cream.

Smells like: You took a bath in the scent. Like I just jumped into a tub of orange cream ice cream. Or I spilled it on me. Your dog will probably follow you around the house and want to lick you.

Bath & shower gel, $12, ($22.50 value) and Body butter, $15 ($76 value) at Nordstrom and Ulta stores.

#3 Vaseline Spray on Moisturizer

And all the lazy girls rejoiced. I tried the lotion wipes (they dried out before I could finish using the pack), I used the spray back in the day on but all it did was propel lotion in a squirt and I still had to rub plops of lotion in (sorry, still asking too much), so I skipped applying lotion – not a good idea in the dry climate. This stuff, it really works, I’m buying this in bulk.

It’s compressed air, no aerosols or harmful propellants. Non greasy or sticky.

Smells like: The green can smells like aloe, and the spray also comes in cocoa scent, advanced repair and if you prefer no smell, unscented.

Buy it for $6.49, 6.5 oz can – link to Walmart because it’s always cheapest.

*Sniff, sniff* Who smells good? Oh, that’s me!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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