Plant Hoarding, Tree Trimming + Cactus

Shoes: M.Gemi / Location: Camelback Flowershop

If you haven’t already booked your tree pruning service, it’s time – well, unless you in a place that’s still snowing, For those of us in Zone 9 who are already experiencing the 90s, spring comes way earlier for us and it’s important to get those trees pruned so they can grow correctly and lighten them up before monsoon season starts to avoid half of your tree landing on your front doorstep – as that happened to us recently.

Oh, and unload those citrus trees to also avoid half of your tree dropping dead on your lawn, like that happened to us the other year too. Wah.

^^ We cut back our front tree.

^^ Also cut the oleanders. We trimmed ours back to more hedge like and this wall only cost us $175! One is shorter than the others which drives me friggin nuts but he said a guy “fell” or whatever so I’ll just let it be. It’s not perfect but then again, what is.

^^ The sisssoo tree I love, it grew large very quickly but I’ve heard a lot of warnings about them. Top Leaf Tree Service told us that sissoo’s is the most popular tree removed due to roots being invasive – you must water them deeply so those roots stay under! Thankfully we have flood irrigation that goes every two weeks so that helps with all our trees. It’s been about 3 years since we had this tree and it needed a haircut.

We also decided it was time to fertilize our citrus trees, like legit fertilize them so, $40 a tree it was – multiplied by 6!

I also added two garden roses from David Austin, bought them online and they arrived when it was the ideal time to plant!

^^ See them along side the Queen Elizabeth roses. I hope to hire our handyman to build a nice corner fence (kind of like our bunny area and front door) that will make this corner look nicer.

The inside of our home still needs some plants. Remember that fiddle leaf tree I had in my office? Some little buggies started flying around and then Mr. took it outside and over-Raided it that all the leaves fell off and it died. Wah. Do you know how hard it was to even transport that from Home Depot?

I told my sob story to Juliette at Camelback Flowershop and she told me to use soapy water and spray the top of the soil. It won’t kill the plant if you don’t drown it in it but it will kill the bugs and eggs. She says usually that happens if we over water.

I water our indoor plants every Sunday and it’s on my calendar for me to do as Mr. says he doesn’t want any so it’s my responsibility to keep them alive. And you wonder why we don’t have kids.

Kidding aside, I decided to buy some desert plants! Look – fire sticks and more (I say “more” because I have no idea what I bought). This side area is where the bunnies used to be, by the outdoor shed area.

I thought maybe something with some cactus and succulent type plants might be fun, around the corner. Where I can’t see them and can warm up to the idea of them, something different. I bought small ones to see how I like it and we’ll see how that goes. They have been sitting there unwatered for a week and Benjamin asked if that was ok. My response, “I think so, they’re cactus, after all.”

Trial and error, folks.

I’m going to buy a few of these planters, or the like from CB2 – I’m totally integrating more modern with my traditional decor –

I’m going to go with white but I wanted to show you the black so you can get a real visual with desert landscape.

I’ll also repaint the red hearts on the fence and maybe add something cute or a quote. xx

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Angie

    Beautiful colors and it is amazing what some trimming can do to make trees look nice. It also opens up the view for curb appeal and brightens up the scene. That rose on the trellis is stunning and should only get better with time!

  • Erika Brady

    These pictures are so gorgeous! You can really see that all that hard work on the trees paid off. I especially love the tips on the roses. I have tried for far too long trying to keep my roses alive.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Thanks Erika! We are always trimming and planting and as the years go by we measure our time with by their growth!


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