Some summer memories

This might be one of my most fun summers yet and it’s only just begun – I probably feel this way because I started traveling early (end of April) and won’t stop until mid September when I wrap up with Prague and then my yearly Club MED (Melisa, Emily, Diana) trip to So Cal. I’m not meant to stay put in one place – growing up in Cali, going to college in Arizona, moving around to LA, Phoenix, ABQ (almost wiped that part from my memory haha) – I think changing up the scenery in life is so good.

Especially when it’s 115.

Central Phoenix has a new West Elm and I brought my girlfriend and real estate expert, Amber (you’ve seen her guest posts on here lately). I forgot how much crowds give me anxiety. I went to the preview opening for the 15% off and to avoid the next morning official opening but then I realized I would’ve been better going at 10 am – the turnout for the party was insane! Which is great of course, I saw a lot of blogger friends and the 15% was worth it after how much I bought.

I’m finding the perfect balance with social media – post when I feel like it, personally or not. I don’t feel pressure or care. Post when I have something to say, don’t when I don’t feel like it. Take the picture or don’t, just live life and don’t feel pressures to show or not show what I’m doing. I’ve found balance and sanity with social media! Now let’s pray it stays this way for a while – haha!

I desperately want to work on the yard but I have to do it very early before the heat settles in. We have many plans especially after our regular horticulturist came for advice – check out Noelle’s blog here. I’ll tell you some big news – you’re reading it here first, the grapefruit tree has one last season with us before it’ll be taken out. I’ll expand on that later this fall, but I’ve accepted it after it tried to commit suicide.

  • Laundry room now has wallpaper on the back wall. Kudos to me jamming to Justin Bieber and installing it. *flexing muscles and good math skills*
  • I have piles of wall art I need to find a new home for, or donate. This is so difficult as I do love everything I own.
  • I donated quite a bit, and I also just gave friends things. I caught myself “selling” objects to my friends just to take for free. It was pretty hilarious once we both realized what I was doing, “Look at the curves on this lamp, it’s so dainty and cute, you should take it home with you.”
  • I’m reading the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” I’m hoping with my efficiency I’ll figure out how to work just one hour a week. Just kidding, kinda.
  • The cactus print you see in the top image of this post, the bottom right that is bright blue and hot pink, it’s a new Cactus print I’ve ordered from for the laundry room. It might seem a bit interesting for my style, but I’m mixing a little bit of modern with traditional. I’m also going to embrace the cactus trend because in Arizona, I really can exercise that right, right?
  • I want to paint a cinder block wall this salmon shade called “salmon run” from Valspar – hopefully to be done this fall – this area is hidden, more on that later but here is the inspiration for the area behind our gate to the alley way –

And my summer tour continues as I’m heading to the OC this weekend to visit my girlfriend, I do this every summer. Beach time, shopping, food, and lots of laughter on the agenda.

I hope you had a great holiday weekend. We didn’t do much since Benjamin returned from a week long trip in San Diego for his new job. With our work and lifestyle our weekdays and weekends kind of blend which is nice.