It hasn’t been perfect but we’re getting there

t can happen so quickly that I share a photo and the next day it looks different. Or it can be incredibly slow and no one shows up. Ah, home improvement at its finest!

The one thing I have to remind myself is – RELAX, BREATHE and it will all get FIXED, eventually. Because it has to.

Anyway, we’ve had some hiccups along the way with the backyard, but it’s nothing super major other than annoyance which just comes with the process. Like the cable being cut even while trenching the new sprinklers (obviously accidental and we won’t complain because they did a good job and were on time!). Then the brick that was laid crooked that I caught and took a photo to show the owner (who was not on site at the time). Quality control can get real messy and slow when the boss isn’t around. It’ll all get fixed.

I hear now – that most home owners can make contractors sign a contract with a completion date and if it’s not completed by then, a percentage is taken off for every day. Genius. I had a friend do that. In this case with me being the project manager I might make my own done by date but it’s been complicated with some teams not being consistent and showing up every day, honestly it’s always the same guys, brick guys who take on too many jobs and they are 2-3 days on yours, then gone on another job the other days. I guess that’s the “bargain” price you pay.

How about some photos that have happened over the past week? You can keep up more currently on my Instagram I post on stories because it’s so much easier.

Below is when we started to trench for the sprinklers, this was after the cable was cut but we had no idea why yet. Always assume whatever you were working on while it happened was the culprit. We just couldn’t get anyone from the internet company out for a few days so we used our phones as a hot spot and ran out of our hot spot data on both or phones in two days (there’s a limit on it??). The Yellowstone addiction is real.

The back of the niche will get the thin brick laid in the back which will look nice. I’m looking forward to that and then installing the blue and white ceramic bin from Mexico I purchased from an estate sale for around $160 I think.

Anyway, keep sending us good wishes because we are definitely needing it toward the end – trying to make sure everything gets done and everyone can say out of one another’s way and off my newly seeded winter rye :)

Diana Elizabeth wants to be excited for Christmas but she can’t until her birthday party, but that’s OK. Usually she’d have the tree up by mid November but she doesn’t want a Christmas tree up at her birthday party. However it will go up immediately after!


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Diana Elizabeth Steffen setting the table for her annual garden party


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Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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