Layered Party Invitation


The supplies


I didn’t have a plan, I just took a basket and wandered in SAS Fabrics on Indian School in Central Phoenix – a discount fabric warehouse. I assumed something would just click in my mind if I found the right trinkets, and it did.

The box mailer is from Paper Source, available exclusively online for $3 each.


1 / Place mesh on bottom of box and place invitation on top.

This box fits a 5×7 print perfectly. Cut off access mesh (Gold mesh roll, $3.99) so it can fold properly. Make sure there’s enough room on top and bottom to fold down and layer the entire box completely (3x the length of the box).


2 / Add fun texture to your invitation.

I found these sequin bulbs for 25 cents each and I hot glued them onto the invite. The “LOVE” button was 50 cents and I just glued it on as well.

The Forever Girl Gang sweatshirt is from and we each bought one and will wear it to our Christmas party. I liked having it float around loosely in the box like a giant confetti piece.


3 / Fold one layer up or down and glue decor.

If you are afraid of the hot glue sticking through, add felt. It’ll pull away. I found these sequin “G” letters for 50 cents each. The crazy thing was they only had G’s and it worked out perfectly! I found the sequin bow pin for 25 cents!


5 / Fold next layer and hot glue more decor.

I cut out “10” in hot pink felt because its our 10th annual Christmas party.

layered-invitation-box-mailer-paper-source-girl-party-invitation-idea-girl-gang-Diana-Elizabeth-Photography_0121 Diana-Elizabeth-Photography_0123

Total cost for each layered box invitation: $6.25 give or take with leftover supplies.

Send it out and wait for your RSVPs! 


A note about the $1 bills – it’s not for a stripper, haha! For the past few years we’ve played a game called Right, Left, Center and we play with actual money AND beauty products which is such a blast because one person walks away with cash and beauty samples galore! We laugh, scream and get nervous which is always a treat.

We also eat until our bellies are full and Mr. Wonderful said I should have put the time 6:30 to 2 am because that’s typically how long we party in our jammies. Hey, it’s only once a year!

Happy invitation making!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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