Closet Install day is today!

Say it isn’t so! Have we really survived one of the longest projects in history (it has felt that way), and now the closet install is actually happening? This install will take one day, and we still have a few things on backorder like the mirror door, but hey, installation means clothes can be hung up!

In addition to my crazy shortage of wallpaper fiasco, which has been resolved and will be complete thanks to the last delivery today (but really this was insane they kept sending me single rolls mislabeled as double rolls three times!)

I am thrilled at the idea of hanging up my clothes because I am busting at the seams now, with clothes on the floor, hanging off our canopy bed and a rack in my office.

Somehow it all used to fit in my small walk-in or reach in (to be Benjamin’s new closet) but I’m ready for my new closet now!

It hasn’t been the smoothest journey as most home projects aren’t, but this one has been especially challenging. It’s just how things are nowadays so I just try to let things be. It’s been hard with the entertaining I’ve been doing too so I’ve marked off two weeks in January saying “off from people” and that better mean no tradesman because I am ready to be DONZO and show off this project to you! 


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