Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock invited us up last weekend for a getaway to check out the recent multi-million dollar resort renovations.

Sedona Doubletree Resort View from Sedona Golf Resort #18 green

This was perfect because (1) We needed the time together (2) It’s an excuse to escape the Phoenix summer heat (3) We often stay at Hiltons and Benjamin spend his last night as a single guy here before our wedding day in Sedona almost four years ago.

It also means good weather so a good hike is in order! The elevation in Sedona is 4,000 to 4,500 feet so you can feel a bit toastier than usual at 80 degrees, and it also snows in the winter, like on our wedding day.


We’re off!


Benjamin landed in Phoenix at 5:30 PM from being gone all week in Austin – we really have been coming and going all summer. Sedona is a quick and easy 90 minute drive from Phoenix, making it our regular getaway, I’ve been to Sedona probably over a dozen times from photography and modeling jobs, weddings and quick trips.

We arrived to the sweetest and yummiest welcome from the hotel.


Sedona Adventures

sedona-hilton-sedona-resort-bell-rock-travel-blogger-arizona-phoenix-review_0030sedona-hilton-sedona-resort-bell-rock-travel-blogger-arizona-phoenix-review_0033Tank: Alexander Wang / Shoes: Nike (old, similar) / Pineapple Leggings: Gold Sheep (c/0)

After breakfast at the hotel we decided to go for a hike at Bell Rock Trail, which is about 5 minutes away from Hilton.

Benjamin is very proud of this shot – he directed it.


After our hike, we headed back to the hotel for lunch, then it was pool/spa time. There are three pools to choose from – Mr. Wonderful headed to the spa pool at eforea spa which quiet with lap pools and I told him I’d meet him after my massage.


I experienced heaven for 90-minutes with the Full Circle massage treatment (starting at $201). It focuses on mind, body, heart and spirit and is inspired by the teachings of the Four Directions – N, S, E, W. I was South because I like citrus and gardenia! It included cleansing, exfoliation, traditional massage, grounding stones, and a snuggly cocoon wrap and energy work.

Joanne is amazing, it was the best back massage I have ever had with the pressure, I was falling asleep at the very end.


Sounds like a good time to hit the pool and join Mr. Wonderful.

sedona-hilton-sedona-resort-bell-rock-travel-blogger-arizona-phoenix-review_0037 sedona-hilton-sedona-resort-bell-rock-travel-blogger-arizona-phoenix-review_0038Pineapple Chiller

We ate lunch at 5 pm – because that’s how slow-pokey we were – hey, we’re on vacation!


Around 8, I requested room service, because there’s something about being able to eat food in your bed, but it’s not your bed. The mac and cheese is amazing that Benjamin said he wasn’t hungry but he ended up grabbing my plate and eating most of it! Hmph!



Back to Phoenix

The next morning we ate outside again to soak in the weather and view. I had a coconut oatmeal and Benjamin ordered the salmon bagel for the second time – he’s part Grizzly.

sedona-hilton-sedona-resort-bell-rock-travel-blogger-arizona-phoenix-review_0032Earrings: Fabulous – Lisi Lerch (c/o) / Dress: Vince Camuto

Here’s what the rooms at The Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock look like now since renovations – it has a kitchenette, dining table, and the sofa folds out to another bed. There are two TV’s in the room which I love!

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc. Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

And a new lobby –


Find Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Photos taken with Sony NEX-5R.