Bathroom drawer organization

I never showed you before pictures of my house because I hate before pictures.  I’m one of those, “That’s SO embarrassing!” kind of people when it comes to horrible, boring reality.  I know, that’s prideful and I’m trying to get over it, this blog is helping.  Plus, I know some of you want that.

So here’s my bathroom, I use both sink areas, that’s a total of 4 slide out drawers, all for me.  Mr. Wonderful uses the bathroom attached to the master – it’s tiny and as you can see, all my necessary and unnecessary things need more space.

Please also pay no mind to that empty toilet paper roll, I was planning on a craft project but decided against it.  Now if this isn’t straight up reality around here, I don’t know what else is.


Makeup Drawer

I caught myself in the visor mirror while driving last week and realized my summer makeup was terrible.  Or my makeup in general was terrible – more on that at the end of this week.  I decided to Ziplock bag all of my summer makeup – bronzers, powder, foundation, lip colors, you name it.

I use acrylic makeup trays from Bed Bath and Beyond, but you can find them on Amazon for cheaper, here.





The hair drawer

Who knows how many brushes, curling irons, or flat irons does one need?  Anyone?  I’m still confused.  I realized I bought the same curling iron barrel size, gosh dang it.  So I guess my least expensive one will just be my travel one.  I also cannot wait for my blow dryer to die so I can buy a cuter one (this Conair one is great too).  I have always liked the ones that blow your face so hard it looks like a face lift – now that’s wattage.



All my hair stuff goes in this fold up I put in the bottom – that’s my weave.  I just think that’s funny calling it that because my makeup artist friend Michael calls it that and it just sounds cooler than hair extensions.





I always wanted a vanity tray so all my things I kept on the counter look like they had a spot.  I found this one from Neiman Marcus.  I also put lipsticks that are at the end of their life there so I remind myself to use it.  I have too many nude/pink lipsticks that I’d like to just finish these off so I can turn in the 6 empties to MAC and get a new freebie.  Did you know about that? Read their Back to MAC Program.  You can drop them off at a MAC store, you don’t have to send it in.

Ring holder from my girlfriend Mailinh who comments on nearly every post I write, love her.  Lucky rabbit from Jennifer as a sweet hostess gift last Christmas.  Most of the brushes are from Laura Mercier’s travel collection – they have shorter handles but same head size.


The Guest/Random side

I have plastic razors, new toothbrushes and travel sized anything in this area.  Face wipes, nail polish, all that.  It holds chargers for my Clarisonic and Sonicare toothbrush.

Anyway, I would just emphasize clearing out your nail polish – the less the better, what colors do you really wear? I forgot to shoot a before, sorry.



The bottom drawer I keep the extra toilet paper rolls and travel bags.  I also love Clorox wipes to clean the counter and inside my makeup drawers.  It’s funny because this bottom drawer is right in front of the toilet, yet whenever the toilet paper runs out, guests don’t find the extra TP.  I figure it would be obvious but I guess no one wants to break the privacy code.  As for me, I always look for it in cabinets, wrong?  I don’t know if I like displaying it in a box or in a bin either, dusty toilet paper?





The Giveaway/Toss pile

This goes to girlfriends if they want them. I’m totally clean, lots of it are new, hardly used, I haven’t had pink eye for 15 years, so whatever.  The summer makeup gets put away and will come back in May.  But more than likely I’ll just stop by the Laura Mercier counter and get my new colors.


Phew!  What do you think?  Do you have rooms you need to tackle?  I’m going to list a few of my items below.  If you have any questions about anything, just ask!  I can’t wait to tackle other rooms!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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