10 Random Updates + Master Closet update

So much has been going on that I can hardly find time to share it properly so here’s a quick summary of things I want to share!

  1. I found and bought outdoor folding tables for my outdoor parties! It took months to find them, and after I found ones that were over 150 lbs Benjamin said NO WAY could we handle that together. I guess I thought we were strong haha! So, I kept searching for something comparable. I discovered these black folding farmhouse tables that are about 65 lbs each and the legs fold out. Downside, not really enough room to seat 6 due to the sides of the legs being so close to the edge (no leg room for sides) but will fit 4. So I ordered 3 tables. They are the right weight!
    black outdoor lightweight folding farm table for parties
    But after I set them up which was nothing other than pulling the legs out and securing the doo dad to the other doo dad (I am at a loss for words) I noticed one was 1-2″ shorter than the other 2! What! I cannot line them up and look good! So I called Wayfair and they are sending another one right away and I get to keep this dysfunctional shortie. Winning! I’ll use it for the food buffet.
    lightweight black tables farmhouse style outdoor tables
  2. The master closet is still going and so slow. So we were supposed to be done by mid October if everything went smoothly, and of course nothing ever goes that smoothly especially in this new America. It’s just the longest process you guys. I am holding onto the “It’ll all be worth it when it’s done,” and I just hope I have amnesia by the time it’s done 🙈 I won’t give you the list of what is left to do because it’s still very long and I might give myself an ulcer.
  3. I am slowly making the transition to clean beauty! I am adding clean beauty products to my cabinet and it started with a Citrine class I attended for $65 and the cost went to beauty product purchase so it was like a free class! It was taught by RMS beauty founder Rose Marie Swift and she used to work for Victoria’s Secret for 20 years, working on Gisele and Rosie! Mind blown! Anyway here she is working on me because I had put the pumps of foundation in my hands and slapped it on my face forgetting I WAS IN PUBLIC and not using a sponge applicator. Long story short, I got invited up for her to fix my face LOL!!! But I wasn’t embarrassed because I rarely get embarrassed, I just make a joke of it and move on. I bought two new foundations, primer, cream eyeshadow, two blushes and got a Glam Bag that was packed with samples and full size items from Citrine!
    rms Beauty citrine class
  4. I saw Martha Stewart is working with Polywood! I have wanted to buy Polywood since the sun here and weather in Arizona just kills the wood furniture but never really pulled the trigger. But I love that Martha is working with Polywood and has her own design out. I don’t have a need or room for more outdoor furniture but I wanted to share it with you!
    Martha stewart polywood durable outdoor plastic furniture outdoors durable
  5. Anthropologie is opening at Biltmore Fashion Park! I was on my way to Pottery Barn and saw this sign and freaked out! I have wished for one to open up here FOREVER and always wondering why not and to see it finally here I’m elated. It was probably a good thing it didn’t come before because I would be broke! Anthropologie at biltmore fashion park Phoenix Arizona location
  6. Catch up time is good for the soul. Got so busy, have a friend who is so busy needs to schedule last minute or within a week, but we did it!
  7. Just quick inspiration from the great Bunny Williams – I can get lost in all her designs I truly love them! So lived in, warm, detail, no bare white boring walls, COLOR, warmth, personality, uniqueness….
  8. Take 30% off now home furnishings and home accessories.  Select favorite items are on sale right now at Alice Lane Home for 30% off! Check it out here. Finish your Christmas list and buy for yourself, I always think of the holidays as the best time to load up for yourself because of the sales!
    Remember in the future use code DIANAELIZABETH to get 15% off, sometimes it’s 20% off or free ship, they change my Alice Lane Home promo code all the time!Alice lane promo code 30% off without code this month
  9. I have two shoots scheduled next week. I really don’t have the time but I do, and need to work though to stay busy and momentum so I have taken two jobs on the same day for photography. It’s my birthday week so there is a lot of preparation but I am looking forward to working a bit and shooting some portraits. I feel blessed to just get an email asking if I’m available to work.
  10. I went thrifting and bought some things for Christmas! I took my time and just browsed and that’s when I found these treasures for $50 total! I was happy to take home these things and a few I had seen weeks earlier but no one picked up. Guess it was meant to be!

Diana Elizabeth is looking forward to a “savings spree” after this closet project. You know those phases of life when you feel like you have just spent and spent because of a big project it seems never ending and you look forward to being normal again. 


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Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • deborah watson

    The Bunny Williams interior you posted is beautiful. I am a fan of her work as well and am quite fond of the color blue.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      There is something so calming about blue — and green! Bunny Williams just knows how to make a house feel like a cozy lived in and stylish home!


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