how to use poshmark app to sell closet items make money from used clothes

Using Poshmark to sell my closet

how to use poshmark app to sell closet items make money from used clothes

I have a ton of clothes, in a tiny space, in our lovely and cozy 1952 home. See my tiny closet makeover here, but make sure you don’t miss this post on how to sell your clothes from your closet! There’s this app I discovered called Poshmark after googling, “How to sell clothes online.”

closet open with shoes on the door to explain how to sell closet items used clothing online through an app called poshmark

I made $175 clearing a quarter of my closet in the first week, and a total of $500 within a month! In the past three years I’ve made $4500 selling 142 items! See my closet here.

About Poshmark

  • You can use the App via smartphone and on the website.
  • There are no listing fees and the listing stays up until you take it down.
  • Poshmark takes 20% of the selling cost when it sells.
  • Buyer pays the S&H fee so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Poshmark emails you a label to directly slap on you box and you just drop it off at USPS.
  • Potential buyers can make offers on your listing and you can go back and forth with negotiation!
  • Potential buyers can “heart” your listings
  • You can also send a private offer to those who “like” your items to start negotiations!
  • For more FAQ, click here.

How to decide what to sell on Poshmark

  • Go through your closet and if there’s anything you’d give up for around $15 or less, pull it out of your closet and list! (But you can of course list higher than $15). I just feel that philosophy helps you determine if you should let it go.
  • Anything you haven’t worn for a while and is in good condition.
  • You just don’t really love it, but it’s worth something and just too nice to donate.
  • Once I know what’s listed, I remove them from my closet and move them to another so I don’t wear it anymore – not that I actually ever was.

tiny closet makeover in article that talks about reselling clothes on poshmark app

How to actually sell items

  • “Bundling” is lingo for buying more than one item from the same lister.  Since PM charges $7 for S&H, it makes sense to offer buyers a discount for bundling items. I offer 15% on one or more.
  • I offer 15% off my bundles. I know, that means I only get 66% of the listed sale, but I don’t mind. I still manage to make $5-$18 per item which surpasses any garage sale visitor and I don’t have to sit  my driveway all day on a Saturday and babysit my items.
  • Be fair – there are some things in a closet that should just go straight to a garage sale or donation, NOT to sell to others.
  • Join the parties and “share” your items again so people who are watching the feed can see your items and follow you if you are the same size.
  • List items at a fair price.  I am certain the reason my items sold quickly is because I priced them from $12 – $25 range and my items are in excellent condition and primarily from Anthropologie.
  • Remember what your goal is.  For me, it’s clearing out the closet, so I’m more than OK and thrilled to lower prices, bundle, and just move items out of the house.  It’s all about your perspective.

How to get more followers – is it important?

  • Be engaging in the life parties, so “share” to the party
  • If someone “shares” your listing, go to their closet and share some of theirs, it’s etiquette.
  • Host a party – Poshmark will reach out to you via email if they select you.
  • Your following doesn’t necessarily mean higher chances of selling your items – app users search for sizing, brands and specific items so don’t stress out if you don’t have a following at all, it does not matter!

Be aware

  • When buying, always ask for the condition, if there are any stains and if it’s factory.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for thorough measurements because once you buy it, you can’t get a refund.
  • Check your clothing before you “accept” and release payment to the seller. I’ve often trusted too much and found massive stains later.

Tools to have to be a great Seller on Poshmark

items suggested to buy on to have for when you resell items on poshmark app or eBay a nice touch to package items for your buyers

All items available on Amazon Prime: Pineapple Poly Mailer 10×13 (100) / Pink Poly Mailer 12×15.5 (100)  Bubble Mailer 6×10 (50) / Tissue Paper (100) / Thank you Stickers (36) Packaging Tape (6 rolls) / Corrugated Box 12x8x6 (25) / Pink Bubble Wrap

Earn $5 when you sign up

Use code DIANAELIZABETH for Poshmark and get $5 when you sign up!

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Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Maria

    Hey guys,

    I let my VA’s handle everything, if you guys want to do the same, the company i use is amazing…

    They have Poshmark Virtual Assistants that share my closet all the time. Every day in fact!

    Thought you guys should know about this hidden gem!

  • LD Fields

    Question about bundles on Poshmark…why would one of my followers create a bundle of three of my items, share it but not make an offer. The button for “Make An Offer” is visable to me to share a private discount? I’m new to Poshmark so I need all the help I can get.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi LD, it seems as though someone just bundled just to see the price but haven’t checked out. I have some people do that and don’t buy and I’m not sure what they want? So sorry I can’t help more, but maybe you can reach out to them and ask if they want a bigger discount?

  • Amy Cram

    Can I ask you a question? (While I’m waiting for Poshmark customer service to return my email….) I’m new in the last month to Poshmark.
    Someone made me an offer which I accepted. Printed the shipping label and While I was in line at PO to have it scanned in, opened the app to see Buyer sent me a comment stating she notice her payment method had expired. I went to search and see a buyer cannot change their payment method after a purchase has been made. The paragraph went on to say the seller (me) would need to create a New listing and the buyer would (after updating their payment method) need to make the purchase again.
    So my question is- Poshmark never sent me anything saying “wait! This shipping label isn’t valid because the payment method had expired!” So had I not happened to see her comment, or if she was a Schiester and Never told me, would I Never get paid, despite having shipped the item?
    I created a new Listing this morning and she has Repurchased it. So do I just now Print the new label and slap it on top f the old label?…
    Does that make sense? :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Amy, that’s a strange situation. Usually Poshmark will immediately say “payment issue” if someone tried to buy your listing and there was something wrong. It just happened to me and I didn’t get a shipping label sent until the gal fixed her payment (if it was expired). Either way, if the package gets lost, Poshmark has amazing customer service and you will get paid. I’m not sure what to tell you to do? The payment was expired according to the buyer but not Poshmark… Anyway, CS will get back to you for sure and help you out. I once sent a Louis Vuitton purse out and the buyer would never accept it at the door, and there were all these attempts. I still got paid by Poshmark but I’m not sure whatever happened to my purse which was weird. The buyer never received it or said anything to me (I think she had buyers remorse so she never signed for the package).

  • Starla Morgan

    I am interested in adding a closet on Poshmark.
    A second closet for men.
    Is it possible to have two closets and if so
    how do I create one?
    Thank you so much, Starla

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Starla, I’m not sure but perhaps starting a new closet under a new email/screen name which would require you to log in and out when using the App. I know now they allow men’s clothing so you might want to check that out and keep the same closet?

  • Eryn

    i don’t know if you’ll respond to this, but how do I list items from my closet into parties.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Eryn, there has to be a party going on at the time, you pick your item and you “share” and you are able to share it with your followers, or to a party if there is one live. It must fit the category or else it will let you know it doesn’t qualify.

  • ashley

    Hi, Ive tried to search my closet from my own phone in the app in the search bar but it says no listings. Is this because its actually my store and im logged in under my name? I can pull up other closets by @the store name in the search bar but not mine. Hope this makes sense.

  • Lucy

    Love Poshmark. So far I have only sold items from my closet and have been looking into getting a wholesale license to get more name brand clothing. My question is how do I collect dales tax being posh collects it themselves? I contacted poshmark and was told they couldn’t give tax advice. I don’t need advice just how to recoup the sales tax being I would owe that to my state for any sales I made within my state of items purchased at wholesale prices.

  • Crystal McCall

    Hi ladies I have a few question .I see in the address or settling a spot for a website could I add fb page ?I have set up a page you like and can buy from there or locals meet me to see what they are interested in .Also how do I change my bank information ? I have look in setting and billing I guess I’m over lookin something .how long before a buyer can cancel their purchase I have incounter a few that has cancel when I have dropped their package luckily for me my po knows me very well the packages don’t go out right then so I can run and get it back .It takes three to four hours after package is scanned before posh undated that I have shipped not sure if all po is like this I live in a very small county my po closes at noon . That’s one thing i do dislike but I’m very lucky we have a po considering it doesn’t do much business and I could have to drive 15 mins away and still can’t always get boxes I need until they order some .although I did read I can order my owe boxes and have them delivered here .has anyone done that ? Sorry so long and so many question .thank you for any help given !

    • Diana Elizabeth

      You have 7 days I believe to mail the package before a buyer has the option to cancel. You can communicate with the buyer when you will plan to mail it out. You should be able to change your bank – to see. Usually you can’t add it until someone makes a purchase is what I hear (because you have funds to deposit). You can add any link you want to your Poshmark profile, mine is Instagram.

  • cynthia

    when you sell an item on Poshmark and you have quite a few SOLD listings how do you delete those?

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Cynthia, you can’t delete any listings once they are sold – they stay up in your closet. Not sure why, maybe to show style or to keep Poshmark active file?

  • Janet

    I wanted to follow up with you. So I have now been on Poshmark about 3 weeks. I’ve earned about $300. Not only do I have more space in my closet…but I have also been able to find a pair of gorgeous Brian Atwood heels for the amazing price of $106. I love Poshmark already.

  • Cassie

    I don’t know how trade and I’ve look all over the web and tried many different approaches and I can’t seem to grasp the whole consept. One site said to list it at 0 and I tried to test a piece of clothing out by listing it at 0 and it would not allow me to post. If you could please help that would be greatly appreciated!!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Cassie, I believe the lowest you can do now is maybe $3 now (Poshmark has changed a lot), so you can try that! Usually if someone is willing to trade with you then you mark it down for trade and lower it to that cost so you can both check out and pay for the shipping label.

  • Janet

    So I’ve been on Poshmark for less than a week and sold 2 items in the first few hours of the first day. 2 more a few days later. But now I haven’t sold anything in 3 days. I get offers that are way lower than the listed price. For example a top I bought for $89 plus 9% tax only wore it once, I listed it for $40 and have been offered $18… Am I pricing things too high or are people too cheap?

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Janet, oh that happens. You can counter. I think people are just trying to see if they can get it lower, I mean like they say – it never hurts to ask. I think you put up a great deal with it being 50% off, but you can always counter at $36, but I would probably deny that $18 offer too ;)

  • Shoemaven

    What helpful tips! Thank you so much for your post and for the answers you’ve given to commenters b/c I’ve had a lot of the same questions, too!

    I found your post when searching the web about bundling. My 1st bundle: unsure how so seller tells me, bundles, then another user buys bc she wants to add an item to it! Great experience : (

    Wish there was a way to talk between sellers & buyers where others don’t see like offers are –

    Is that typical? What prevents 1 buying a bundle out from under you – seller’s integrity? Said she didn’t hear from me but not true bc she made other’s bundle same day. Oh well! Found NEW things I liked better the same day at TJ Maxx.

    Not giving up on Poshmark, but will try again!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Ah bummer, the seller could have cancelled that transaction. What she should have done is made a new listing for you because what happened is it notified everyone who liked that item if anything changed – very odd. But I suppose it’s the same if you went to a garage sale and verbally said you’d come back for something to buy but needed to get cash from the bank first. The seller could hold onto it for or, or sell it to the next person, it’s their object and up to them on what is convenient. Sorry to hear about it, but it’s just stuff! Good luck next time!

  • Stephannie

    Hi, I would love to be able to share my posts and others’ post to my Pinterest; however, I do not see Pinterest listed when I click/tap the Share button on a listing. I can see my other apps, such as Email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. I’m on an Android device. Any ideas on how I can link my Pinterest to Poshmark? Thank you! :)

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Stephanie, I’m not quite sure if you can do that right now unless you download the pin it button onto your web browser and also use a desktop to access a poshmarker’s account. You can also use the URL of the image to upload it and link but that may take more time than it is worth :)

  • Tee

    I have added several items to the Poshmark site. I’ve followed the instructions and have uploaded pictures and included detailed descriptions. However, none of my listings feature a Blue Buy Button nor the offer option. I just shows my listing and people can comment on the items. Any idea of how I can have the BUY/OFFER options added. Thank you

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Tee, not sure what is going on, but you can say if the item is for sale or not and go into your preferences and edit it. Did you list a price? You don’t bid on it, but you need to list how much you’ll sell it for.

  • Jolie

    Can you put a link to your closet?

  • michelle

    Hi, I just joined poshmark. How do I add my stuff to the parties? Thanks!

  • Renata

    Hi Diana Elizabeth,
    I came across your blog entry when trying to find an answer to selling on Poshmark. I was wondering if you could help me with that.
    So far I have created my account and posted a few listings, but cannot find anywhere a mention or a link to setting up/adding my bank account info (where deposits can be made). Neither via the app nor their website. I don’t know how to find it. Totally lost.
    Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Renata! I don’t think you can set it up until after you get some money in your “my balance” account (I just tried to find it). Once you do, you can click on “redeemable” or “transfer” i forgot what button pops up. From there, you can set up your account. I don’t know if I’m mistaken because I had set mine up a LONG time ago so it’s already in the system. From my research under FAQ it looks like that is the way. If you find another way please come back and let me know so I can help others too! Thank you and have fun on Poshmark!


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