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I don’t know if there’s any of us who aren’t interested in photography to some degree so here are a few photography books that recently came in the mail – just released!

I decided to give you a subject on where you might be and which book would be right for you – or to gift to someone. And one book is actually by someone I know and traveled the South of France with!

Bored with Photography / Burned Out / Mr. Know It All

Check out: If You’re Bored with your Camera Read This Book, by Demetrius Fordham

If you’re a seasoned photographer you might have already experienced the burn out, the boredom, the same old same old as every creative. Well, this book is one I wish I had years ago when I almost thought I’d quit! There are suggestions on what to do to fuel your passion for photography again – from actually putting down your camera, to printing your images, to traveling (yessss!). There are creative shooting exercises which are genius and even a recommendation to pick up your camera and simply walk around the block. Break the rules, shoot in different styles – the author gives examples. For $10 on Amazon, this is one of the best and easy reading photography books I’ve seen. Buy here.

Learning Photography / Further Education

Check out: Complete Photography, by Chris Gatcum

If you’re learning or gifting a camera, you should pair it with this book! For $20 on Amazon, this incredibly thorough and thick book reminds me of my photography class in high school. I almost went nuts as I opened the book and saw yet another photographer I had met – Dixie Dixon giving some commentary on fashion photography! We met at a WPPI in line waiting to see Elizabeth Messina and traded business cards and talked for a little bit. I knew she was already talented and then she became a Nikon ambassador and taught at WPPI! I was like wow this girl just did it! The book gives every photography jargon and what “shooting at the hip” means and white balance as well as photo editing. There is always something to learn and I believe when it comes to photography, we’re never done learning. The must-have book for EVERY photographer.

Street Photographer / New York City resident / Cityscapes lover

Check out: New York in the Snow, by Vivienne Gucwa

When I opened the box and saw the cover I automatically knew about this book. Photographer Vivienne was part of the Sony Club which I was a part of – there were 11 of us and we got to know each other through the year-long blogging group, reviews, and also traveling to France. She was working on her first photo book about NY while we were in France and this is her second book. It’s a great tabletop book that goes through her settings, the story of some of the images created. The words are poetic and go with the imagery and it’s one of those books you’d curl up in a blanket, some hot cocoa and slowly read it cover to cover and drift off to sleep dreaming of snowy New York nights. This pretty hardcover book is $16.50 on Amazon.

Lover of Black and White Photography / Ansel Adam lovers

Check out: Black & White Photography, by Michael Freeman

Black and white photography is such an art. Understanding highlights, contrast and techniques to turn images black and white. Ansel Adams captured images in black and white and this book explains in great detail and examples skin tones in black and white, how to see and expose in black and white and how to convert images digitally. When I took a photography course in high school I remember the black and white film and developing them – dodging and burning and that was on a basic level. Ah just saying that makes me want to take a film course and develop film again! Find this book on Amazon for $15.

All books were courtesy of the publisher, no compensation was provided.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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