Photo studio product photography photographer phoenix arizona

Photo Studio Work

Photo studio product photography photographer phoenix arizona

^^ Adornlee

In a few months it will be about a year since I’ve had the photo studio and I wanted to share work I’ve done in there and my thoughts if I think I’ve utilized the space well to completely kick out all of our household items and gardening tools (requiring us to build a garden tool shed). Adding the AC/heat unit was a lifesaver to turn the space into something I could be in year-round.

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I took a lighting class after I competed the studio, taught by photographer Michelle Herrick who is a long-time supportive friend in the business who rocks studio lighting. It was 3 separate 2-hour long classes and I added a lot of studio lights and walked away feeling like I could definitely nail the lighting scenarios I wanted. Extra studio equipment also cost me an extra $1000 for a beauty dish, strobes and modifiers but I found it so worth it.

Corporate headshots on white backdrop studio phoenix Arizona^^ Danielle Wurth, professional organizer of Wurth Organizing

I’ve taken a handful of headshots in my space which I enjoy – and corporate headshots are incredibly fun for me, truly. I think it has to do that I am part of a marketing team that is helping brand a company. I love business owners since I have the entrepreneurial spirit and have always enjoyed being a B2B.

With Amazon businesses on the rise – I was asked about product studio photography and I was happy to do it for Adornlee (see products on Amazon). I was later asked if I would do videos – to bring life to their Amazon listings and I wanted to share a few I did – they are silent short videos – they will add music and logo later.

And another – to showcase the size of this makeup bag.

Here’s a sample of the photo studio work I did – and I made sure the colors matched the product as they varied in material.

You Are Home To Me pillow /Hello Sunshine pillow  / Zipper Top Canvas Tote Bag

Photo studio product photography photographer phoenix arizona   Photo studio product photography photographer phoenix arizona

Back to some other work in the studio – you may have seen around the blog. Thankful for my girlfriends, Brittany and Rachel were in town and let me practice lighting on them with my new set up. They are some of my most supportive girlfriends who say – let’s do that right now so you can practice and they are always up for modeling. Below is Brittany and I shot with my beauty dish and backlit her like the pageant headshots.

I often think about if I’d want to do pageant headshots, perhaps later down the line.

photo studio work in phoenix arizona portraits on pink and gray with lighting strobesphoto studio work in phoenix arizonaphoto studio work in phoenix arizona photo studio work in phoenix arizona pajamas hanging on Ikea hanger photo studio work in phoenix arizona

I work in the studio maybe once a week but it can be a chunk of hours at a time. I have found the space to be used much more – and making profit over the past year. It’s nice to have a space for my work and to look like a professional when clients arrive with their products or are ready to get their headshots taken. It also saves a lot of set up time for me when all my equipment is there and I know I won’t make a mess in my home.

The only downside is there’s no kitchen in my studio which would be very convenient – or at least to add an easier entrance to bring food/props out. I mean this is so ridiculous to complain about as this studio really is a few feet away from my house, joined by an overhead patio. But you know, there’s always something to improve but I’m thankful to have this space for my creativity.

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