My Favorite Kitchen Items

I was emptying the dishwasher and I got so happy putting my dishes away. Is that odd? I truly love our kitchenware and dishes. I recently donated some of my dish sets because Benjamin said if I kept them all the cabinet would fall off the wall.

I had some colorful bowls that just didn’t bring me joy so I donated a specific color and now when I look in our kitchen cabinet, it just makes me so happy to see the plates and bowls in there. I thought I’d share some of my favorite things around the kitchen!

crystal basketweave glassware

Crystal glasses

These basketweave crystal glassware from Pottery Barn are so gorgeous and so affordable! I am so happy every time I see them and it’s a gorgeous presentation when you offer a guest a drink. They remind me of a wedding gift we received, a Tiffany & Co. vase.


Electric Water Kettle

The SMEG vintage style electric kettle is my little best friend! I’ve been drinking tea with a splash of milk lately and guests often ask if I have a water kettle (new thing?) and I love bringing my red SMEG out and just hitting the back button to turn it on, it’s so easy and cute! I bought it originally just for a shoot and decided to keep it. It comes in 7 colors, including pink!

electric water kettle


white pasta bowls

Pasta Bowls

These white bowls are great for taco bowls, gnocchi, pasta, a set of four is under $20 at World Market. I love the way my food looks on them! When I first got them I thought they were small (they are smaller than a typical dinner plate) but it is portioned perfectly. I’m obsessed with these bowls.


Dinner Plates

I bought these for a fall shoot and my dad said I should keep them. So I did. Then I had to giveaway my other dinner plates of course. I love the way these look so handmade – I am so into pottery right now

stoneware dinner plates


gold trivets


I have a few trivets that make me smile when I take them out – one is a vintage grapefruit I picked up at Goodwill! I think you can have fun with trivets and they can compliment your tabletop. This trivet is from H&M Home and also comes in black. I would pick up at least two of the same if you can.


Cloth Napkins

I sewed linen napkins once we got married and I cannot tell you how much we save on paper towels. I also love how cute it looks and it just seems more grown up than using a paper towel – of course if it’s a paper towel, I love Viva paper towels they have no texture. If you don’t sew, buy a few dinner buffet napkins for you and your guests – it will be so good for your pocketbook and the Earth. These stripe napkins are on sale, you can find some at Target and World Market (these fringe ones are cute and here too), and the sale section at Anthropologie.

cloth napkins


peacock salt shaker

Salt and Pepper Shakers

I now fully understand the obsession with cute salt and pepper shaker sets. I used to see them at antique stores and wonder why people collected them until I realized, I started to as well. They are so cute! I love when they are in animal shapes or floral, or whatever you like! I have a leopard animal set, flowers in pots, and I know that’s just the beginning. This peacock set is from CB2 – salt and pepper shakers also make for great gifts for a hostess!


Slanted serving bowls

I received these as a gift working on a campaign and I LOVE them. I’m often asked where they are from – they are perfect for dips, hot cocoa, toppings, taco bowls, ice cream toppings, you get the hint. These slanted serving bowls are from World Market, they come in larger or small size.

slanted bowl


Paris Flea Market Flatware

When I worked with Ballard Designs for a Christmas tablescape, I requested these antique silver flatware and they make me feel like they are truly antiques from Paris. They also come in gold.


Diana Elizabeth has been a bit better with making meals – it usually has a lot to do with how much work she has vs. how much time she has. She’s been enjoying the time creating dishes – the most common on being an open taco bowl that her friend once made her – maybe she’ll jump back into recipes? 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Vicky

    Love this! I was looking for a link to your taco bowl recipe picture though! LOL plus, you gave me a great idea for small unique Gifts of S&P shakers.

    I, too, have things in my home that absolutely make me smile when I look at them. And with that smile come the memories that are attached to those things.

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Well I guess next time I make it during the day I’ll bring out my camera! It’s so easy, obviously or else I wouldn’t make it, haha! xx


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