Last Summer Trip Home to Nor Cal


I enjoyed 12 days with my parents and friends back home – it flew by.  My mom actually said it was a short trip until I reminded her how long I had already been home.

When I’m home, I’m quite messy.  I’m by no means diagnosed with OCD, but I don’t mind being compared to it since I am very clean.  However, when I’m home, I totally relax.  So dad asked when I would clean my bedroom and bathroom. I said, “Tuesday afternoon.”  Because that’s when I would depart and have to pack up all my junk. *wink*

Here is a mixture of iPhone and Canon Powershot photos from my trip.  You’re here for photos anyway, aren’t you?

Walks around the corner to the nearest Dutch Brothers and Bill’s Donuts with my dad.



My best friend from college works for the best team in the entire world – the San Francisco 49ers!  Jackie passed along scarves to give to my parents a few months back so I told my parents to put them on when she arrived.  She came with even more goodies!

IMG_0085 IMG_0100

Some friends you know will be in your life forever.

I got together with my Mod Squad girls from high school for dinner, this time Carrie cooked and amazing zucchini pasta I’ll have to share with you.


This is what happens when you bring a two year old to dinner.


Since I hate cooking, I said, “Dessert on me!” and we headed to popular high school spot, Mels.

IMG_1842 IMG_9974

Whenever I ate, I had this creepy feeling I was being watched.

nor-cal-home-28 nor-cal-home-31

And since I still don’t know how to eat grapefruit properly, my mom cut some up for me.  I used to eat it with a lot of the “white stuff” like an orange.  I know, we have a huge grapefruit tree in our backyard and live on a former citrus farm.  I pimp that out and I don’t even know how to eat grapefruit.  Without that white stuff, it’s pretty good.


I can’t wait to show you around the bay area next week.

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