Jungle Rafting in River Kwai Thailand


This is the third post in a series of 5 blog posts dedicated to Thailand.

After a buffet lunch by the river, Rachel and I walked the bridge on River Kwai. My hat flew off but thankfully Rachel immediately ran to get it while I just stood there filming feeling all sorry for myself, I gave up! So glad she saved the day because I needed a hat for the rest of our trip!

The Bridge over River Kwai

The bridge is apparently a big deal – a movie called The Bridge over the River Kwai is an infamous Death Railway, spanning over Kwai Yai  River, built by the prisoners of the World War II under the supervision of Japanese Imperialism Army (source).


I didn’t think the tracks were actually in use until we were at the end about to turn back to our tour bus and heard a loud whistle and it was a train! People were on it and so kind waving and want to give hi-fives as we waited along the side.

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-249 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-252

Jungle Rafting

We hopped on a jungle raft and some swam in the water – it wasn’t cold or warm, just a little cool. I love brave kids, many of them jumped in. I’m more of a jumping into the ocean but not in rivers or lakes, and I even grew up a mile from a lake in Northern California! I sat and admired braveness of children, I hope they continue to be adventurous and fearless!

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-279 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-277Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-282Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-288

I did take photos but I wanted to be still and really take in the scenes. I sat there just admiring, listening, and feeling. Now I can go back to that moment, floating down the River Kwai hearing splashing, children giggling and seeing an incredible sunset.


We checked into a hotel late that night and I woke up to such a pretty hotel lobby! We decided to explore a little bit early in the morning before breakfast.

Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-295 Thailand-diana-elizabeth-travel-blogger-phoenix-296

The mountain views by River Kwai are spectacular. Like out of a movie moving, photos don’t do it justice and it breaks my heart that I can’t just really show the beauty in these images. After our jungle raft, we rode on the back of a truck chasing the sunset back to the grounds and I was rubbernecking the entire time just dying to keep my eyes on the red hazy sun and the mountain views.


This is my favorite, and most accurate shot of River Kwai that I took with my iPhone.


Photographs taken with a Sony NEX-5R and Canon G7 X.

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  • Carmen

    Beautiful place! Is this the place where people bathe with the elephants? I remember seeing that bridge in a PBS program last month, and tourists bathing in the river with elephants. Not sure if it was Thailand, though.


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