decorating and choosing a Christmas theme woman decorating for Christmas

Picking a Popular Christmas Decor Theme: Candy, Woodland, Chinoiserie, Old World and Scandinavian

decorating and choosing a Christmas theme woman decorating for Christmas

hat’s your Christmas theme? I have a longtime friend who told me years ago she had different themes and to me that meant plaid, glam, etc. I laughed because I wish I had the storage space for themes, and then as I worked on a campaign (above) and set out my items I realized I had themes! I just put them all up, hahahahaha. But to me it looked fine, but did it?

Since I apparently love all Christmas decor themes (recently sorted them in separate boxes by theme), I wanted to share my favorite Christmas themes – Candy Christmas decor, Scandinavian/European, Old World, Woodland Christmas theme which I have been enjoying for years, and a current favorite that I might jump into this season, the Chinoiserie theme. I am going to probably go Chinoiserie with Old World because I need a lot of red and green. Once I get it up come back because I will absolutely share it on here. Old World is a look that can be brought into any of the themes for the lived in look (like antique decor can give a home!)

Tell me what is your favorite Christmas theme or what are you doing this year?

Why it’s important to know your theme

I look at Christmas decor the same as home decorating. Pick a main theme but then add other elements to keep it interesting. If you know your theme, it will help you focus when shopping for Christmas decorations – or even ornament shopping or that ornament exchange party you will know what fits your theme.

It will help make your tree and your home feel like it flows better and also help you when you shop to avoid overloading on every single type of Christmas decor out there.

Candy Christmas Theme

I would call this a Anthropologie Christmas look. It’s cute, happy and reminds you of a candy store and nostalgic childhood! I love how playful the look is, and kids, as well as the kid in us would find this look so playful! Vibrant colors, pastels makeup a candy Christmas. The colors can be a mix of candy colors or muted pastels.

Scandinavian Christmas Theme

Clean, a bit modern because it’s pretty bare, this is a Christmas style that still embraces a cabin/farmhouse style, but Scandinavian style. I think of hand made wood ornaments, branches, birch, and items that look like an artisan made them. Even though it’s specific by saying Scandinavian, I think elements from other nearby countries blend well too, like a Russian doll set, German Christmas pyramids (cute but hard to store so be mindful on the size).

Woodland Christmas Theme

The woodland Christmas theme is something that many of us probably just fall into because it’s everywhere – and so cute. It’s perfect for any home, especially homes who have a farmhouse style, or you live in the woods (lucky you!). Or maybe you like the cute critter ornaments and brushed bottle animals like I do. It’s also easy to make this look neutral just by removing red.

Chinoiserie Christmas Theme Decor

The Chinoiserie, blue and white look is what I’ll be going for this year since our home decor has changed quite a bit. It’s elegant, and incorporates the look I already have in our home, the chinoiserie style. It’s a Euroasian influence, mixing the European love for Chinese antiques. I recently ordered sliced oranges to make garland, and you can incorporate the use of oranges, and orange slices from the Victorian era. I’m also adding an Old World too (see next theme below) – it does not have to be just a blue and white theme, you can add red and green.

Old World Christmas Theme Decor

I call this red and green classic Christmas that looks lived in, so classic! It has great use of mercury glass, cut glass, and crystal, and you can even throw in some classic red adds green Christmas plaid! It’s a super classic Christmas look, it reminds me a bit of a Ralph Lauren classic look and feel. If you have a home with brown leather, turn on the fireplace, and well, invite me over!

Diana Elizabeth has a mixture of everything, and Scandinavian can also blend into a little Old World. She didn’t realize there were actually themes, but when you know what your theme it, is it makes it easier to shop for Christmas decor! 

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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