kitchen wall sconces clear glass flagstone floors, natural wood stained cabinets shaker style

Wall Sconces in the Kitchen

When I first moved in 10 years ago, I had lots of other plans to redo the kitchen, here’s a progression of what has been done – and of course none of what I initially thought! Let’s go through the kitchen transitions over the past 10 years.

kitchen wall sconces clear glass flagstone floors, natural wood stained cabinets shaker stylekitchen wall sconces clear glass

Lights: Brass with clear glass

hen I look at my kitchen, especially at night, I just love it. The coziness it brings, the warmth, and how unique looking it is. When I moved in, there were frosted bathroom lights above the cabinets, clearly not what sold me, haha. The backsplash was a black slate which didn’t bother me for a few years, but truthfully I had initially thought I’d be giving the kitchen a small facelift when I had move in.

I had planned on painting cabinets a deep green (I still love the idea but I clearly like the way it is now that I haven’t touched it). We have since changed the backsplash with Walker Zanger Cocoon tile (see blog post here and before and afters), changed the lights twice (which is why I’m showing you this now).

kitchen wall sconces clear glass

BEFORE (first moved in)

This was when I had just swapped out the lights to these barn lights I was going for an industrial farmhouse look. I’m not a farmhouse person and I don’t think I ever was totally into it, but I am definitely not that now. I also had realized after years went by the above lights were more nautical and ones you’d see along the pier.

But to an untrained eye and most people who don’t pay attention to those details, no one would notice! But they worked and I liked them for a while, until I felt like our home was changing, and I needed new lights.

Changing the backsplash

rustic kitchen (before photos) and the flagstone on the floor and flagstone island

I was so thankful for Walker Zanger for donating the tile, it helped since I think the tile was around $30 a square foot….but we hired a tile expert to lay it and he was very expensive and I think his labor was about $1200. But I thought it was worth it given the tile was so expensive.

Also, not sure why there was a fan in the kitchen. There was a different one in there when I moved in, and then I added the Home Depot one for $45 and it was fine. I also didn’t like that it would cool down my food. But I am sure there was reason for it, we are in Arizona after all.

So this has been how our kitchen has looked for a while and truthfully so dark with not much window light since there’s a patio over the kitchen window.

Adding skylights and repainting

And over time, since we’ve been here for almost 10 years now, we got new a dishwasher, removed the fan, and added two VELUX skylights installed during our garden room expansion thanks to my friends at VELUX! (See post here). We also repainted the kitchen white along with the rest of the house from off white.

skylights in a kitchen, by velux skylights in a kitchen, by velux

^^ So this has been what the kitchen looked like for the past year then in 2020, being stuck at home, I started to upgrade the things around our home to go from cottage with a farmhouse twists to more elevated look. So we got new lights!

New lights (today)

I didn’t tell Benjamin I was doing this. I just got one to try it because if I returned it, it would cost me like 20% of the cost. So I got one, put it up myself and then Benjamin was like, What is happening here are we getting new lights? Yep.

kitchen wall sconces clear glass flagstone floors, natural wood stained cabinets shaker style

^^ Then came the new hood, counter depth fridge, faucet, barstools, changed the air vent to a much prettier one (that was NOT easy), hired a handyman to add three lights above the kitchen island, swapped out the lights to the clear glass brass – and yes now I must dust them! Only…I have not yet. Oops.

Now we’re still not done. I mean are we ever done? I’m looking for a new microwave oven combo and it’s near impossible to find one that fits in the right dimensions but I need to continue my search. Just been distracted with other things and well, it doesn’t bother me too much. So I’ll continue my search maybe later and see I can find the right height width but the trickiest is the depth! My goodness. So that’s it!

No other changes I can see. I think many would paint the cabinets and I thought I would, but to be honest I don’t want to. I just can’t get myself to do it. If the cabinets were a different wood shade like a light honey, then maybe. But I really love the uniqueness and warmth it brings. It’s not trendy but they are classic shaker style and I just enjoy them! White cabinets will never happen here, sorry not my thing. If any color, a soft blue or a deep green but I am not there guys, I just love how it is which surprises me since it was one of the things I wanted to change. I also haven’t changed the island or the flagstone, because we get so many compliments on it and it’s just different. And different is good, remember that just because it’s trending doesn’t mean it’s right for you. When it feels like home to you, then it’s just right.

Until you decide to change the lights out again.


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Diana Elizabeth needs to put the oven microwave combo search back on her to do list. They are so expensive, like $3500+ UGH. Time to go back to work.


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