How to Install a Pot Filler in the Kitchen + Cost

kitchen-diana-elizabeth-photography-blog-build-dot-com-brizo-pot-filler-above-stove-height-install-walker-zanger-cocoon-6th-avenue-mosaic-tile-white-tile-backsplash-9652Brizo Euro wall mounted pot filler

pot filler is a true kitchen indulgence, and when you see a pretty one, it can convince you that you really need one. Then, once you have one you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Since we were demo-ing the backsplash to install new tile, it was the perfect time to install a pot filler – while the tile is already out and you can access it. However, if you can’t exactly demo your backsplash but you still want a pot filler, there are deck mount (counter) pot fillers so you can drill into your counter and install one right by your stove.

Determining the Height of a pot filler

I researched the suggested height for a pot filler and I found that it was around 16″. In my case, I decided around 15″ placing my tallest pot with a steamer on the stove to determine height. I’ve seen pot fillers off to the side, or right in the middle – the location where it is allows me to center it and also move it to the side – such design versatility!


Running the water line to the pot filler

We had a a copper pipe that ran from our kitchen sink and dead ended with a cap – right under the stove. It seemed there was already a waterline ready. If you don’t have one, a plumber can add one from your sink fairly easily. I say fairly easily as if I would even know. We got a quote with an estimate of how many hours it would take and we approved and went forward.

Les the plumber added a 2×4 you can see to make sure the pipe was sturdy. It’s a flexible hose to make it easier to go up the wall.

Cost of labor for plumber to install the pot filler hose

Once the tile was completed, our plumber came back to fit the pot filler on. Total cost for labor was $550 for about 4 hours of labor.



And now I can feel the joy of cooking is returning to the kitchen!

When it comes to buying a pot filler, consider your kitchen style – while our home is traditional, our kitchen is a mix of traditional and modern. We have shaker cabinets with modern pull handles, so I wanted to match the metals and also have something that complimented it. You don’t have to overthink your pot filler, but a beautiful one can really make an impression in the kitchen or sit more quietly in the background.

They can be pricey, just like any faucet. They range from $300 and up, average I would say is about $500-$800 for a good one, if you like unlaquered brass check this one out. However you can find ones under $100 and I will list a variety from Amazon and all over the web. Having a pot filler is definitely a luxury but boy do I highly recommend it! It really is LOVELY to have.

Pot Fillers

Starting at $79 and a few counter mount pot filler faucet options.

My pot filler

Our Brizo Euro wall mounted pot filler has two ways to turn it on or off – it allows you to do that should steam heat up the nozzle, you can turn it on from the base, or if you have a particular preference.


The pot filler was a great addition (comes in 6 different finishes now available at (similar cheaper under $100 on Amazon) – I think it filled up the behind the stove space beautifully.

Check out this post for the full kitchen reveal with the new tile backsplash!

This post has been updated since it’s original publish date of September 19, 2016.

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