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Emily in Paris photoshop inspiration photoCardigan: Odd Molly c/o wearing size 1
Creative photo editing inspired by Emily in Paris on Netflix

thought I’d do some verbal vomit like I used to because I don’t have anything scheduled and I just want to blog to blog like I used to – just shouting into a cave, “Is anyone out there?” because it was quite fun just babbling like old times.

Also, the photo – taken in my backyard, and bought a stock image to pop in the back, that lighting worked out so well! Anyway…

  • If you have HBO Max, Succession is a great show – minus the cursing and a super crass character but that character cracks me up the most with his lines. It is so well written and the characters are developed, it’s a fantastic intelligent show. The show has some incredible sound bytes. Greg sprinkles. LOL
  • I am so into corporate shoots. I have always loved shooting clean editorial corporate shoots. I should market but I haven’t the time right now, but maybe word of mouth is enough – did you know I have a separate photography website? dianaelizabeth.com. So tell your Phoenix friends who might want some marketing images. Here are a few photos I’ve taken just in the past week a mix of social media photos with corporate marketing images –

phoenix corporate marketing and headshot photographer - Diana Elizabeth

  • If you haven’t watched To All the Boys series, make sure you do! My friend Brandy said she was smiling ear to ear watching it and it made my heart soar. There are 3 and watch them in order – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, To All the Boys: Ps. I love you, and To All the Boys Always and Forever. My girlfriend Sommer came over on Chinese New Year for dinner and we watched the third one. Then I had her come back over for Valentine’s Day dinner and I just can’t get enough of my girls.
  • A habit I need to stop… Slow down before responding. I am big on responding and moving on but sometimes pausing to think is the best. I think overall lesson here – stop talking so readily. Pause. Then respond and it’s OK to answer and leave it at that.
  • Facebook Marketplace is addicting. It’s apparently I need more rooms or I need to stop surfing FB Marketplace. OK, I need more rooms. I keep finding the most amazing pieces but I don’t need another couch or a side table, or… there’s no place for it unless I keep replacing and that’s not how I (want) to roll. I read that to change things is a very American habit while English habits are keeping what you own for a long time.
  • I’m back in the garden. Our landscaping maintenance is much lower now than it used to be, and I have a small section for new seasonal flowers but I think I want to put some roses in there and be done. Deadheading and pruning is the kind of maintenance I enjoy and perhaps in the future the fall planting will happen for the front landscape and that’s it. Meanwhile, Benjamin and I are still debating (trying to find some agreement) on adding a fence of some sort to the front of our home.
  • I try to work on Monday, Tuesday and Fridays. This gives me Wednesday and Fridays to have “fun” or do home things and it’s a loose schedule but for the most part it’s working when it can.

As I’ve adjusted some of my duties mentally – I sometimes still feel as thought I’m “winging” it daily. I’m happy, but it’s a mixture of still working with finding time to relax and do home things. It’s working out fine so far, it’s a new rhythm I’m trying to get used to.  Also, really enjoying this weather while I can!

Diana Elizabeth and Benjamin makes Sunday yard days and they are work out days for them. Last Sunday they were outside for over three hours doing yard work. She was sore the next day!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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