peacock not working with chromecast

How to use Peacock App to Chromecast – Problem fixed!

id you download the Peacock app and somehow you can’t find the Chromecast icon? If you’re wondering how to set up peacock app with Chromecast so you can enjoy watching shows on your TV, I found the easy answer by accident.  I did so may online searches because there’s no way I could handle watching a tv show on my phone – it’s just an app setting.

Peacock not working with Chromecast?

First, make Peacock app stream to your Chromecast (make sure your smart device is on the same network as your TV network wi-fi).  If that’s done, then go on to these next steps –

How to set up Peacock with Chromecast

  1. Go into the settings of the app on your smart device
  2. Find and open the Peacock app settings
  3. Slide over “local network” so it will use your local network!
  4. Reopen the Peacock app and play and see the Chromecast in the top right.

peacock not working with chromecast

I hope this post helped you figure out why your chromecast isn’t connecting to Peacock and now it works so you can enjoy watching it! We use a Samsung TV and I guess it doesn’t work unless you have something like Chromecast which is very cheap anyway and worth having to stream YouTube TV and other shows. I highly recommend it.

I downloaded the Peacock app to watch Escape to the Chateau, a show that so many people have been telling me to watch and I finally took the time to download and figure out how to stream it – WORTH IT! I was binge watching it like crazy!

Please let me know if this worked for you – it helps me rank better on Google and hopefully this will pop up elsewhere in searches so we can help everyone enjoy using Peacock app with Chromecast! Happy watching!  xx





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