100 Paperwhites

‘ve had quite an unintentional break from gardening, we removed the beds that have been in the now “orchard” area and I waited for the new garden beds to be built. It’s probably been about six months of not gardening aside from my fun adventurous seed starting which those babies are waiting to be planted outside!

Brickwork is done, cement, paths, after six weeks done. I think that took a little longer than I would’ve liked and this Friday we have our irrigator/sprinkler guy coming (I’m not sure of the correct job title) but he’s awesome and he’ll finish it all in one day! So I’m timing the nursery visit (1 of probably 3 total visits), and mulch mix delivery.

Also, Bryan, our sprinkler installer (better title?) dropped off paperwhites from his garden! Over 100 of them! I was telling him about my bulb journey and how I want to start them soon and he asked if I wanted them and I excitedly exclaimed YES!!! And he brought them over the next day and it made my heart sour, I just love to garden! I love plants!!

I am in the middle of my no spend week which has been rough but also another realization how quick I am to want to spend money. See this Kate Spade floral top I’m wearing? I bought it on my phone after I saw a gal wearing it at a blogging conference, like 15 minutes after she told me where she bought it. I don’t regret it, but I haven’t worn it for about a year, I just took off the dry-cleaning tags off it. I love the shirt so much, I need to wear what I already own.

basket of mandarin oranges

^^ Look what we grew – our mandarin oranges gave us zilch last year and I thought she was mad at us until I saw she started producing this year. A closer look when the irrigation timers went off I saw a busted irrigation hose catapulted a stream water straight to the tree. Hm, so she was just really thirsty. Amazing what water will do, eh? *wink*

And now, the garden area waiting for mulch, water, and some vine wire. See vision in this post.

The list of things to do next to get the garden ready for function and an eventual reveal –

  1. Sprinklers and irrigation installation
  2. Trench and get electrician to install power to front light posts
  3. Reseed the lawn
  4. Get custom built gate installed
  5. Remove cement between brick
  6. Deliver mulch mix
  7. Put mulch in the new beds
  8. Add garden bed starters
  9. Plant roses, everything
  10. Plant other bulbs
  11. Put up jasmine vine wall
  12. Plant jasmine
  13. Figure out what ground cover I want in the garden area. Rock?

I think we still have a while, you know? But it must be done before I leave for 3 weeks to Asia.

I’m also posting whatever I want, whenever I want for the next few months on Instagram because I’m tied of overthinking and either I feel stumped, burned out, or pressure and I think if I just post when I feel like it and what I want, I may find I’m enjoying the platform a bit more. xo

Diana Elizabeth has had morning meetings and jobs this week and she is not really a morning person but she also does agree getting up early makes her feel more productive and there’s more hours in the day.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


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