Now we start on a new master closet!

guess now that I can have my blog back since I’m not trying to maintain it to look brand pristine with sponsored posts I can go back to doing whatever I want and share even if it’s not perfect. I will consider this the positive side of the change in the industry.

It’s officially August and we are about to enter our third expansion on this house at the end of this month, a new master walk-in closet! It will be about 16×11 feet and include a large window (due to code). It will go around the corner of the garden room. This space is unused and just hid garbage cans and random stuff. In a month we will probably be sleeping in the garden room on the Murphy bed as the workers start to work on the inside of the closet and be going in and out of our bedroom.

Where the closet is going

So we will be almost at the same level as the garden room, maybe a foot back to make it look better – it was either forward or back but I think we will move it back for looks but I also hate to not have enough square footage but it’s fine. We will be fine.

orchard area in backyard grandmillennial traditional backyard

We’ll be going with our friends Hill Farm Design again who we knew from church and they worked on our open-air garage, the fence you see in the orchard, and the Harmon hinge door! They are so wonderful to work with, kind, organized, and we highly recommend them.

So here’s our bedroom as is – even though this is an older photo the only thing that has changed is the artwork above our mirrored nightstands. Nightstands I’ve had for almost 15 years from Z Gallerie.

So to the far right where you see the light coming through but you can’t see the window, we will be pushing out in that direction, toward the orchard.

Here’s an idea of the plans – you can see we are building south and have to build around our electrical panel. It’s just a pain to move it and we should have done it earlier but yada yada and we had no idea we’d be moving a certain gate forward, and well, OH WELL. At least it’s just a part of the closet and we figured out a way to work around it.


I am trying to decide on flooring, a hard floor or a new wool carpet look but honestly prices are getting so crazy right now and I just can’t decide. I’d be fine with a wool carpet with no padding, kind of like a hotel flooring but better – like my office! I currently have a wool carpet which feels like a wool rug on a hard surface. Plush but not squishy.

large bookcase front desk on wool leopard print carpet

I need to request more quotes but let’s just say the prices seem to have doubled over the past two years. Yeah along with everything else. And as far as I am concerned, I kinda don’t want to be spending a ton of money right now, and I know a majority of my friends don’t either!

Closet design

We are working on that! I need to continue to get some design and quotes. The goal is to get it installed as soon as we finish and final measurements of the drywall can be done by end of September. It will be less than a month to wrap up if all is on schedule in an ideal world, but I’m unsure if cabinets can be ordered and installed by end of October. I was recently told they were into December install UGHHHHH.

I want closed doors for the most part to avoid dust but also mirrored doors because not everything in the closet is beautiful like winter coats.

The color I will use will be polished nickel because that’s classic and will never go out of style!


What will happen to my old closet

Benjamin will move his things over to my current closet, the one that was featured in HGTV magazine. It had a full page feature which was so fun! Anyway he jokes he would like to replace the temporary wallpaper with cigar wallpaper 🥴😆

I will make enough room for him in the new closet too because we might use this space to make his bathroom larger – which is really the master bathroom but it’s so small it’s crazy!! So he has it all to himself and I have my own bathroom in the hallway which makes a happy marriage!

Well, that’s my update for now! Can’t wait to show you the behind the scenes of the process on here. Maybe I’ll make a YouTube video, but for now count on me sharing on Instagram and on the blog!

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