Flower Child

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There have been so many rewards since I started shooting weddings, and one is when I really click with a bride beyond their wedding.  I absolutely love all my brides, but sometimes, a bride wants to do lunch after the wedding is done and hang out, and I LOVE that!  Kate is one of my special brides turned to really good friend.

Oh, and now she’s a mama to Cordelia, who is just the cutest little babe.


It was nautical day for the ladies, and I’m also glad I didn’t wear that J.Crew anchor shirt or else we would’ve been twinsies!

When I’m with Kate she makes me feel as if I’m hilarious.  That was a total selfish statement, I hang out with Kate because she makes me feel good about myself, but really, I just love how we can laugh and be sarcastic over the same things.  We are both incredibly laid back about life, love God, and we enjoy good fashion (J.Crew, Kate Spade), and enjoy a good meal!

She text me suggesting Flower Child which is just 10 minutes down the street from me – right across from Chestnuts in the AJ’s parking lot.  I ordered the Sesame Beef Bowl which was amazing!


And a 32 oz. lemonade (three different types) yes please!  I tried the Lime Jasmine Lemonade.


There was a line the entire time we were there, from 11:45 to  2 I’m sure they were wanting us to get going, but we just love catching up.  I would have liked to have taken better photos but it was so crowded and that was kinda getting awkward.

flower-child-phoenix-food-lunch-5 flower-child-phoenix-food-lunch-6

Cordelia enjoyed her time too.


Hope you are all having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend.  Thankful for those who have served our country and those who continually put their lives on the line for our freedom.  May we all remember those who have died serving for our country rest in peace, what an immeasurable sacrifice.

Diana Elizabeth likes the green board up top, makes her think of all the ways she wants to decorate and expand, she needs a new room to decorate, don’t you think?

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