Catching up – Socks, Seed + Sony

Hi there, I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and really chat with you all.  I miss sitting down and really sharing my heart and life with you, so I moved some posts around to make time.

Since I’m done traveling for the most part this year, I have settled back into normalcy, making dinners, doing wifey things, and able to ponder a bit more.  Being busy is great, but sometimes, being still makes you reflect about all that busyness – what’s beneficial for the future, eternity, things of that nature.

Sometimes the mundane things like folding laundry is a drag – our pastor’s wife said during a women’s bible study that anytime we get frustrated over things – husband’s socks or mess, or children for that matter, to count our blessings because there is someone out there who would love to pick up after a husband or children’s toys.  Good perspective, right?  Anyway, I rarely have to pick up after my husband since he’s a neat freak like myself, but as I folded laundry this week, I noticed several missing pairs of socks.  For Polo socks the jockey faces out so you have to match them. I was scratching my head on what was going on with these four until Mr. Wonderful poked his head in the bedroom and said, “You told me to throw away my socks with holes in them so I did.”  However he only threw out ONE sock, not the pair because he likes to save money. Apparently his right foot must be bigger and the one that rubs in his shoe since those are the ones missing.


Adventures in marriage.


In other Mr. Wonderful/house news, we got a new riding lawn mower by Troybilt. We have a trusty arborist named Noelle Johnson, also known as AZ Plant Lady (she has a great blog for those who live in the desert) who visits us twice a year, early fall and mid-spring just to touch base upon what we have growing around our property.  She told us about the riding lawnmower which is a neighborhood mower fits through all standard gates if you’re interested, read her post here.  Was this investment a necessity?  We think so with how large our backyard is.  Guess what else we did to save money?

This girl seeded this week after Benjamin made his own race tracks in our lawn, of course.  I’m not quite sure if getting the riding lawn mower has taken time off mowing or made it equivalent with more fun time with Benjamin on it.


In Arizona because nothing is supposed to live here (remember I’m a Nor Cal girl), we must plant winter rye every fall when temperatures are around 75-ish if we want any grass at all from November to April.  Otherwise, our bermuda grass which is technically an invasive weed, turns to the color of dry hay and that’s not picturesque.  I have been spending the past few days clapping my hands and chasing pigeons and morning doves away from feasting on our lawn – the fun part of the growing process.

In more exciting news, I’m still working with Sony, on a different level.  I was invited to be one of 5 Power Players.  I review latest products, give honest in-depth feedback on their Sony store site so buyers can decide if they want to buy the product.  I’m under no obligation to blog about it or share, but in this case, I wanted to show off the Sony HT-ST5 sound bar we got a few months ago because I found out something amazing about it while we watched the season premier of The Walking Dead (yeahhhhh I love zombies walkers!)


That’s it right there on bluetooth setting (so you can connect your iTunes from your iPhone), but on TV mode, the sound bar knows when it’s a commercial so it lowers the volume during the commercial break! This came in very useful when I took a nap on the couch too.  It has a ton of different settings from football to music, but if you’re interested just click on the link and you’ll see my review there.  We donated our previous surround sound set up to White Dove – the hospice thrift store.  I am happy to know our things are sold to make money to a good cause we may call on one day as we prepare to exit this world.

Our young married’s small group just wrapped studying the book of Ecclesiastes this week, a book which is quite sobering – kind of puts a damper on a few of life’s thoughts, but at the same time, enlightens and lets you really focus on what matters in life.  Vanity of vanities, right?  Life is fleeting and so complex, but God is in control, and not being attached to this world yet still appreciating life can be a difficult thing to balance. It might sound crazy but I think the less we hold onto things of this world and the less we try to actually put an emphasis in finding fulfillment in things here, the more joy we actually have in our daily lives.

Hope you all have a great weekend, xx.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.


  • J Shu

    When did you start watching The Walking Dead? I am so excited! We should’ve had a premier party last week! Darn it, wish I knew about this earlier. We gotta chat girlfriend!

  • krystal

    I Promise you, I can spell with skill. This is why I don’t normally comment on my phone. Where the heck is my spellcheck?! Haha

    • Diana Elizabeth

      You are so cute – I know iPhone is the worst when it comes to leaving comments or sending email! I am getting the iPhone 6 Plus which has a bigger screen so I hope it helps!

  • krystal

    Excuse my typos….after a year if having a smartphone I still can’t master this keyboard. Miss my “grandms phone” and texting with the number keypad where I could text without looking. Anyway, forgot to comment on your observations about folding docks, etc. That is 100% true. Early on in our marriage, God dmsck some sense into me over stuff like that. Brad doesn’t leave much out but he leaves shoes out. Not even in my way unless I want to vacuum his side of the room but it bugged me. One day God made known to me out of nowhere that if God forbid Brad was no longer in my life…I’d give anything see his shoes sprawled about. Now I hardly move them and truly love seeing them in our room…it means he’s there :)

  • krystal

    You don’t sound crazy…you speak right out of scripture! Love Ecclesiastes! And love The Song movie based on that book and Sing of Songs. Did you put the trailer up? I think I heard of it first from you andvso glad I did! We enjoyed the movie though parts were hard to watch…but parts of Solomon’s life were sad in that way. At least he came to the conclusion that life without God is meaningless later in life again. Did you go through a study book on Ecclesiastes?

  • Mailinh

    Love the sock story, Diana! He took it literally I see. ;) I hope the riding lawn mower makes it easier for you under the warm AZ sun.

    Happy weekend!

    • Diana Elizabeth

      Hi Mailinh! The weather is just perfect now, I see the little grass sprouting, quite exciting (oh my if this is what makes me excited, how much my life has changed!). Whatever it takes to get some bright green gorgeous grass! :) Hope you are having a great weekend.


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