Lots of Holiday Celebrations

I can’t believe it’s a week until Christmas! Where has time gone even with Thanksgiving being a week earlier? I don’t get it!

This Christmas season I’ve been much busier with invitations. I am beyond grateful for all the invites and I want to share a few quick pics before the season is over. 

I also need to share our Christmas card with you so come back and see a pic!

Arizona Ballet Nutcracker

Meagan and I went to the Ballet Arizona Nutcracker again! I was thankful to receive a pair of tickets complimentary again this year and so I asked Meagan if she wanted to go again. 

I ended up buying two more nutcrackers, the Rat king and a sugar fairy to add to my collection from last year.

This is definitely THE nutcracker to see in the Valley, check for tickets here: https://balletaz.org/

December Birthday!

We had plans to eat downtown because that’s what Sommer wanted but we were all stuck in traffic and so I did a 5-way emergency call and we decided to head out and go back toward me, Biltmore area and eat at Seasons 52.

4th annual couple’s holiday dinner

I can’t believe it’s been four years already since we started this sweet tradition. Our husbands and our entire group just get along SO well, like we love each other’s company so much it feels like family and we are so grateful!

I have hosted in the past and this year Lauren asked if we minded if she hosted since she has 2 littles at a home. I was thrilled.

Lauren and Brandy know how to set a tablescape so well in a very organic, textile way. I love to see what they come up with because it’s different than myself and it expands my creativity and I learn so much.

Andrew cooked steak and we did steakhouse style sides. I brought tons of store bought bread and I made whipped butter which was easy! And I brought pretty carrots which Andrew threw on the Blackstone and cooked for us!

I just love our time together and it flies by QUICK. We gobbled up our meal and then it was dessert time. Honestly I’m not sure how I got a seat at the table probably just because I host but these girls cook so well I’m in awe and very encouraged.

Cierto Tequila + Cigar Paring at Arizona Biltmore

I had video of me and Benjamin but just a pic of me haha in my fur coat enjoying the outdoors as he tasted the very pricey tequila Cierto which has one awards and is pretty by the way. The large bottle is $299! A smaller one is $129. There are 4 flavors, I am linking to the one Benjamin liked the best.

He had a fun time tasting and chatting it up and I sometimes get invites to very fun events and this one piqued his interest and since it’s very close to us (like 5 mins away) we went! They also served food with the tequila, taught him how to taste tequila. The tips:

1 – Breathe in

2- Sip tequila swish it and swallow 

3 – Take another sip and swallow but breathe out through your mouth to taste it.

Cookie decorating

One of my close friends Brittany invited me to her mom’s home in Paradise Valley for cookie decorating. It was SOOOOO fun!!! But I have to say she set us up to succeed with already making the cookies and putting the icing together. We were spoiled.

These were gluten free and Benjamin loved him and he doesn’t like sweets! He gobbled up my ugly ones. The other ons I put in the freezer but I think I’ll take some out so he can enjoy because he really loved it.

Erika went as well (my Chick-fil-A friend!) and we were giggling laughing at our attempt of making cookies. I think with the 3 of us are together we have such a great dynamic just laughing it up and having a great time, I love it!

I have a favorite things party to go to tomorrow night and then a present swap with Meagan then I’m off to pick up my parents from the airport! Oh and hosting the girl gang pajama party I believe this is our 17th or 18th year! 

I am trying to slow down and I have a pretty busy week this week but one Christmas is here I’m done and can just be for a while. I can’t believe I’ve survived this holiday season so successfully.

I hope you have a restful holiday season. Come back for our Christmas card!


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Diana Elizabeth Steffen setting the table for her annual garden party


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