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Life Advice from a 40 year old

I thought I’d share some life advice to you younger kiddos since I’ve been around longer than some of you. If you’re older and wiser than me, please share some life advice with me as I head into my fab 40s!

Diana Elizabeth Steffen phoenix bloggerDiana Elizabeth Steffen blogger phoenix author
Photo, hair and makeup by Michael Franco
Wearing my mother’s dress

On Aging

  • You realize idea that everyone can’t stay looking 25 especially by age 55 so you are easier on yourself and others (including celebrities).
  • It is your role (or should be) as a younger person or couple to make sure your elderly, or single neighbors are OK. Check in with them, and serve them. Look our for your neighbors.
  • You will always think you look younger than everyone else your age. Though this doesn’t mean it’s true, but it is a great mentality to have. ;)
  • Drink more water, hydrate, apparently that will solve a lot of issues.

On Friendships

  • There are friends in life and friends for life.
  • There is such thing as friend chemistry, so don’t worry if you aren’t clicking or aren’t as close as you want to be.
  • Put others before yourself – show up, help, check in, think more about others than yourself and you’ll surround yourself with great people.
  • Ask people how they are doing. If they are sick, check in and ask how they are feeling until they feel better. Ask questions!

Diana Elizabeth Steffen blogger phoenix author Diana Elizabeth Steffen blogger phoenix author

Dress here

On Work

  • Make hay while the sun shines.
  • Don’t compete or compare yourself with 20 (or 30) something year olds – depending on the age gap, it’s like being in high school and comparing yourself to a 1st grader. Completely different phase of life, it’s time to look forward, besides, it’s so much better now.
  • Dress for the position you want. Show up on time.
  • Have an excellent work ethic.
  • If you don’t like your job, change it.

On Money

  • It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much you spend. For the most part.
  • Don’t go into debt for anything, that interest rate is not worth it. If you can’t pay cash you can’t afford it. Unless it’s a house or maybe a car because you need to still have cash in the bank for emergencies. Just pay everything off sooner.
  • Put more money each month to your principal mortgage. Better yet get a 15 year fixed mortgage opposed to 30 year fixed.
  • Start buying stock now.
  • Don’t keep too much money in the bank, invest elsewhere.
  • Pay your credit card bill in FULL
  • The best car is a paid off car.
  • As my mom says, “You can drive a BMW too, take out a loan like he did. Don’t be impressed by (his) car, how much money does he have in the bank?”

Diana Elizabeth Steffen blogger phoenix author

On Dating

  • Don’t waste your time with someone just because you’re lonely. That’s what friends, pets, or Netflix is for.
  • He should always pick up the bill and open your door.
  • Don’t call him first, ever. He should pursue you.
  • So that one guy doesn’t like you or dumped you. Who cares, his loss, NEXT!


  • Always put something under a burning candle.
  • Decide if certain issues are worth your energy or just let it go.
  • It’s OK to throw away yearbooks if you don’t go back to them. You won’t regret it.
  • If you have kids, encourage them to go to college far away from home, out of state if possible. It is truly the best growth opportunity of independence that will shape their character and future that you can give to your kids.
  • You should have two emails, one for personal/work and one for online shopping. I don’t have this but I found out the younger kids have already been doing this, smart.
  • Count to 3 slowly and take a deep breath before you answer a fool if at all. It will calm you down from reacting. Then just walk away…
  • Take glam photos anytime you want throughout your age – document your life! Remember your mom and grandma most likely had some pretty glam portraits of them, take time for yourself to stop and celebrate where you are in life.
  • Over post, don’t care about followers or people who unfollow or don’t engage or any of this stupid stuff that you think matters on social media. Just live your life and do what you want and the right people with great hearts will cheer you on. Let everyone who wants to leave, leave! You’re fabulous!

Diana Elizabeth Steffen blogger phoenix authorDiana Elizabeth Steffen blogger phoenix author


Diana Elizabeth is trying to decide what 2022 will look like. Will she go back to her typical workaholic mentality or take it easy (like she truly wants for herself). Old habits die hard.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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