The one where all I do is see friends

It’s been one fun month of catch up with my girlfriends over a meal, and celebrating friends birthdays! My heart is so full.

Jumpsuit: Lilly Pultizer (c/o) wearing size 2 / Purse: YSL / Earrings: Lisi Lerch

n top of seeing friends and lots of hang outs over food and dinners, I am finally going home to Northern California for a week to see my parents. I might unplug entirely depending on my mood when I’m home. So if I go dark for a week I’m fine just wanting to prioritize life and time. I feel like this year has really shifted in terms of mentality and priorities. Is this an age thing? I think so.

Still happy to work when it comes and the right fit, but you know what I’m most excited about? The weather dropping so I can be outside every single day from morning to late afternoon to garden! Yay! The problem is I go out in pajamas and don’t get ready for the day. So I’ll have to schedule lunches so I make sure I get ready at least a few times a week :)

We went to a distant relative’s wedding (Benjamin’s side) – we skipped the ceremony and thought no one would notice because it was a really big wedding (200) but uhhhhhhh some people noticed oops. But not the bride and groom which was the most important!

Dress: Lilly Pultizer (old)

But sometimes you can’t make it to everything – and in this case it was an early Friday evening, and we were happy to make it to the reception. This wasn’t the first time though I’ve skipped a ceremony. Many years ago it was a Catholic ceremony and you know they are long and well, I showed up with my friend to the reception and the bride and groom had no idea and we still celebrated them! I’m just saying… *wink*

Did I tell you my life goal at the moment is to be a lady who lunches and throws parties? That’s it.

I kinda feel like I’m on my way…

Also, balloons from The 99 Cents Only store are amazing – they are $1.49 per star balloon in so many colors and the super large one was $6! It is so so worth the joy and who doesn’t love birthday balloons??!!

Diana Elizabeth started to clean up the vine wall the next day after this photo so they are all nice and tidy which she prefers. But she wants them to grow even more so she’s going to soak them with the hose!


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Diana Elizabeth Steffen setting the table for her annual garden party


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Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.


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