Gilmour rectangular sprinkler for lawn

Summer Lawn Care

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Gilmour rectangular sprinkler for lawn

This rectangular sprinkler reminds me of childhood days, can you just imagine running through them right now? After our home expansion we had a few spots that were bare in our lawn – from an abundance of high traffic, and occasional handy tools like paint being rinsed off that affected the grass.

Also, the trenching that went through my garden – yikes, but it was necessary and worth it to have the lines buried. This rectangular sprinkler with on/off flow control by Gilmour came in pretty handy to focus on the bare spots, and also easy switches to control the height and width of the water flow – without getting soaked (unless you want to on purpose).

Gilmour rectangular sprinkler for lawn

Gilmour rectangular sprinkler for lawn

Also these Heavy Duty Connectors are a must-have for any gardener, or person who has a lawn and owns a few nozzles or garden tools that attach to the hose. It pops on and off without having to unscrew them on or off which can be annoying. If you add these to any housewarming gift basket that would be wonderfully received – in fact, I’m now thinking that would be a great gift basket!

I like that they are heavy duty and durable for those of us who live in hotter climates since the sun can warp a lot of things.

connectors by Gilmour great to change hose headsgardening with hat on with Gilmour hose

We have a few of the Thumb Control Water Nozzle that swivel – I even had some littles come over and they loved the thumb nozzle, it was easy for even a 6 year old to use it and help me garden! Since it swivels it prevents the twisty kink you get with the hose that can disrupt how productive you are watering your garden or hosing things down.

It was also perfect timing to replace our old hose with the Flexogen Super Duty Hose one of our favorites, we have another one around the corner of the expansion space.

gardening with hat on with Gilmour hose

The weather has been pretty great for us so far, not a crazy jump into summer temps we know Phoenix can have. During these great temps I’ve been outside cutting artichokes for friends to enjoy and weeding, the beds look great!

Gilmour rectangular sprinkler for lawn
Gilmour rectangular sprinkler for lawn
Gilmour rectangular sprinkler for lawn

I really could be outside like this every day. I’ve been making it a great habit of clearing out my mailbox and then proclaiming that I’m done for the day and I head outside to enjoy the backyard.

Outdoors in my garden truly is my little happy place. ♥

Photos by Heather Kinkel / Hair and makeup by Lizzy Marsh

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