home-photography-studio-reveal-build-com-millenium-ceiling-light-1821 Millennium Lighting Fixture, Build.com (c/o)

Now onto sharing lights for the studio (see full reveal here). Lighting was a very important piece of the project. Replacing the blah ceiling mount lights was a must – I wanted something not only functional, but pretty, since I bring clients in here and I create myself. I believe making every space have personality makes everything enjoyable – even when you have to run to the space to grab a hammer and creativity can happen in creatively designed places.

Build.com, my favorite place to buy housewares (kitchen pot filler and sink) sent me two satin nickel light flush mount ceiling fixtures. It also comes in a bronze finish.


There were lots of beautiful ceiling mounts to choose from but I liked this one because it had a cage – so if I’m moving equipment whether it’s our huge ladder, broom, or lighting, I won’t accidentally break a bulb – and Benjamin too *wink*


I decided I wanted LED bulbs at 5000k daylight (bright white) and dimmable. I found these dimmable filament tubular bulbs on Amazon and thought they would be perfect since they were cute and they would be visible – I look into every detail, function is important as well as style.


I picked 5000k temperature on purpose. In homes I prefer warm light, it is a cozy look. If it’s too cool, rooms can look clinical.

For a photography studio, these lights are what daylight color looks like and I prefer that than have to adjust temperature in post which can often disrupt skin tones. Another option are these Edison dimmable bulbs which are 6000k. I bought this dimmer Amazon recommended with the bulbs, and it was perfection!


I love the way these flush mount lights look in the space – they are so wow! When I was searching I wanted to make sure the ceiling mount didn’t hang too low since clearance was only 7.5 feet. Now I’m ready to see my space and clients better!

Thank you Build.com for providing lights and the AC/heater for my studio project.