I’m Losing it, Guys

Sometimes I should try to stop trying to be funny or original.  The other day I wrote in my calendar, “Pack up el carro.”  which at the time, it meant to pack up the car prior to the big Glam Garage Sale.  When my calendar reminder popped up on my Droid I stared at it a good while, puzzled, wondering what Mexican restaurant I was supposed to head to.  Really?  Really.  Aye Carrumba.

Remember that missing lens cap? I found it. Under my bed.

My desk is covered with dirty dishes. Which means, I eat my meals IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER.  Whatever coolness factor you may have thought I had (if any), I’m pretty sure I just lost it.

The other day I went location scouting because I found a list of places that I had jotted down from a fellow photographer friend.  As I drove around I realized that these places seemed awfully familiar.  Oh wait.  I wrote those down.  Someone splash some cold water on my face!

As I was juggling 20 things in my mind I thought about how wonderful it would be if I had an assistant to do my laundry, perhaps even maybe an intern!  Then I thought, oh gross, someone else doing my laundry?  (That may also qualify as intern abuse, and I might get in trouble I’m sure). Who could I trust doing that?  So, I emailed my mother in Nor Cal and asked if she could fly out to spend some time with me and help me.  Yes, I did.  No, I didn’t tell her the initial reason for my wanting her to come out.  This is just how scattered my mind has been lately.

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months?

Sometimes, a girl just needs some R&R.  Shut down the computer, hibernate, or go on a vacation with a girlfriend (one that doesn’t add stress or drama to your life).

I saw my mentor at old East Valley church and she commanded I put into effect what I’ve been preaching for so long.  Take a day off each week.  Heck, most people have two, as in weekends.  As a photographer, I work on weekends, weddings and e-sessions if I must.  So, like every one else, I will take two.

The biggest advice I can give to any business owner is this – learn how to say no.  No, I can’t go on that lunch because I have work, no, I won’t take on that project, or simply no, I just don’t want to.

This past weekend I was able to unwind with one of my favorite and longtime girlfriends, Rachel.  We met when she dated a good friend of mine but I don’t talk to him and I’m friends with her.  Girl alliance, you could call it. She came out and I was able to shut down 80% of the time and we had so much fun shopping, spa day at the W Hotel and pool time along with watching the movie The King’s Speech (go see it now if you haven’t! Amazing!).  That was exactly what I needed.  Back to work.

Oldie but goodie.  A weekend at Desert Ridge Marriott over the summer.  We. were. sweating.

Diana Elizabeth says thank God for old friends.  That’s the perk of getting older, the more insane stories, bad mistakes and the wonderful insane amounts of laughter that erupts when you bring all of those stories up.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


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