glowing gingerbread house with lights

Gingerbread HouseHouse

glowing gingerbread house with lights

When Benjamin and I first got married I bought us a gingerbread house to make and Benjamin wasn’t the biggest fan. I think he looked at it as more unnecessary work. But when you make anything a game or a contest with my husband, he wants to play. His work decided to have a gingerbread making contest so here we are – working together with some ideas, after a trip to Michaels and some rosemary snips from the garden.

lit up gingerbread house ideas
gingerbread home ideas decorating ideas glowing lights

For the record, no one said we had to use all candy or that we couldn’t use a glue gun haha! But, for the most part, it is edible to a degree, but I wouldn’t eat any of it if you paid me.

Benjamin requested good lighting for it, so I thought I’d grab my twinkle lights off a mantel and temporarily string it in place, I should have just grabbed a glue gun and used an old string set I was already planing to donate but again, the isn’t like my career, it’s easy and fun. ;) 

side profile of the gingerbread house we made - gingerbread home decorating ideas
Gingerbread house Ideas decorating with twinkle lights

The powdered sugar is the snow, and we drilled holes in a cardboard box to poke the candy canes in. Benjamin was very hands on with his landscape design. Sounds awfully familiar IRL doesn’t it? 

I think he did a great job and kept calling the spindles the “pavers” haha! Wish us luck, the company voting is on Friday and we are entering for the holiday category (the others were structurally sound and artistic)! 

You should see the reel I made with the PERFECT song!


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