shadow portrait asian model blogger influencer - photo of Diana Elizabeth taken by Autumn Renae // nude bodysuits with sequin pants

10 Updates – Life + Home

shadow portrait asian model blogger influencer - photo of Diana Elizabeth taken by Autumn Renae // nude bodysuits with sequin pants

his shift in change I announced in February has been wonderful. Though some days it seems like I’m still doing the same and perhaps on social it looks the same, internally I feel different. It’s not the same. I’m not the same. My goals and heart focus is not the same.

There’s still work with collaborations that I enjoy, and I still need to pay for well, wallpaper and the home projects I want to get done around here – haha – so I’m still working but without pressure. Social media can be so weird and ridiculous with the censorship – but using it is still part of my job. I enjoy the connections I make but there’s an unsaid pressure and expectation people who use it for work (like myself).

Thank goodness for my own corner of the world, a blog where I can verbal vomit, slow down and share more in depth. Here’s what’s going on with me personally and what’s going on around the house –

  1. The laundry mudroom wallpaper is complete, the new rug and mirror are in (vision here), but I’m waiting on: new laundry baskets (go figure right?) and possible side table, and then I will give a reveal. But just so you know, which I’m sure you do, when I reveal it, it doesn’t mean it’s actually done. *wink*
  2. The leopard print wool carpet for my home office is on the way. It’ll be in GA April 1, and that probably means I won’t have it installed by Easter, bummer. Easter is my deadline for a lot of things because it’s a pretty big party over here.
  3. We are getting a new custom couch slipcover made with pleats and trim, contrast welt, yada yada. Well not just yada yada, more like cha-ching. But the cost I think will be worth it even though I could technically buy a new couch for the price, but not one like THIS. It’s for our living room front room which I think will definitely elevate it. However I worry about going white…
  4. I have watched To All The Boys series almost as many times as the Twilight series. I just LOVE it. I catch myself smiling and makes me happy! I noticed the actor who plays Peter has played the same character before in several similar teen romcom movies but in this series, he is just way more adorable. I’m unsure if it’s his character, the writing, his improvement in acting, but I think Lana Condor the actress makes his character cute. She is adorable.
  5. I’ve been using Musely to try to get rid of my melasma. I’ve been using it since the new year and it’s kind of working,…it’s slow. I’ve been taking pictures to document it. My face is flaking like crazy and I guess it’s lightening up a bit but I am not ready to completely rave about it yet. I see a difference but I want to see more so I’ll keep you posted.
  6. Not to brag (but I’m about to) I’m really handy and very good at installing wallpaper! I have been productive with home projects as you may catch here and there and I did a great job with the wallpaper, really! I mean, it wasn’t my first time (I’ve installed removable before) but I did great. No, I don’t want to do it for friends or all the time but I was happy I did this project myself. I also used the wood for the ironing board cupboard and made 3 new shelves in the cabinet and it took me half a day! Go me! I only mention this to say, whatever you have on your to-do list for someone else, I bet you can do yourself!
  7. I’ve been eating so many veggies, I’m starting to cut out meat out of my diet. I have realized how wonderful I feel eating vegetables and not eating meat. I love meat though so I would never say I will be a full on vegetarian, but I will watch my meat intake – like eating it earlier in the day and less. I always feel so amazing after I eat vegetables it seems so silly to say it but it’s like my taste buds have grown up! So now I eat sautéed veggies and roll it up in a flour tortilla (now need to find something healthier than a flour tortilla, maybe the green one?)
  8.  I’ve been working on a writing project. Oh this is a big one. It’s something that I felt called to do and didn’t really want to do it. Really. But when God puts it on your heart, you don’t really have a choice. I mean you can ignore it, but it’ll haunt you knowing you purposefully decided to be disobedient to God’s calling. I don’t like to do that. So, I put in the time, the mental energy (I’m exhausted) and put in the money and it’s happening, slowly. I’ll be sharing more the closer I get to completion – this is the topic and the private FB group I created has over 250 members which is so great to know that sharing hardship is nothing to be ashamed of, good things can come from it!  Right now the project seems so daunting and premature – but it’s happening.
  9. The patio makeover is almost done. See the vision here. I need to photograph it. Everything is waiting a photoshoot time on my schedule – haha! I can’t believe I have so many home projects going on simultaneously! No wonder I’m feeling like I’m still going going going *wink*
  10. We got a new mattress and at first I hated it and slept on the couch for two nights. I prefer a pillow top princess mattress, like 14″ height. Benjamin said his back hurt and caved so I bought us a Tuft & Needle and got the mint version which is 12″ height. I hated it I woke up 6x the first night and slept on the couch the second night then whined about it on IG stories to anyone who would listen. I bought a 2″ mattress topper from T&N and it helped! So we move forward for now and hope that it works for the both of us because we have had issues with agreeing on a mattress since we got married! I just had to be honest on how I felt about T&N. Some of you said you didn’t like it and others said to give it time and many of you said Sleep Number was where it’s at.

Oh, I realized I never shared hese photos from Autumn Renae on the blog – I peppered a few on social but never posted here. She is one of my favorite photographers, I love her so much and she is one of my favorite people to collaborate with! Also Lizzy Marsh my go-to hair and makeup girl always makes me look my best!

shadow portrait asian model blogger influencer - photo of Diana Elizabeth taken by Autumn Renae // nude bodysuits with sequin pantsmodel on floor Arial shot ballerina inspired portrait . shadow portrait asian model blogger influencer - photo of Diana Elizabeth taken by Autumn Renae // nude bodysuits with sequin pants

Diana Elizabeth needs to buy some Frosted Flakes for her late night snacking.





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