New Patio Furniture Plans: Contemporary English Garden

It’s not really a patio redo, well, of course it is. *wink* We removed one patio space when we did the expansion but we still had the patio area by the photo studio.

I’m talking about this space –

Oh what, you mean your significant other doesn’t have some exercise machine they bought without your knowledge, assembled it, and used once for 15 minutes and because you have commanded that it move out of the house it has been sitting under the patio for months??

OK, I moved it out of the way and took another photo the next day –

The dining set is very comfortable but oversized for our space (hello crowding) and we don’t often eat outdoors because I just don’t want to carry food outside. It’s so inconvenient. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind but if it’s not easy for me, I won’t do it.

I debated about another patio conversation set because I lounge more than anything. Then I went back and forth on how much to spend and well, outdoor furniture is so pricey when you want it to be good. But, is it worth it in Phoenix when the sun can destroy a lot? I just wasn’t sure.

Then I saw a table that made my heart flutter. I think it’s the legs.

acacia wood table feminine English garden style

And probably the teak color – though this table is not teak it is acacia wood. It also comes in gray. It’s not heavy or overly substantial but I can’t fit that in the space. It also comes in an oval version. It is much smaller and dainty in scale, once I put it in place I was like, ummmm does it look like micro machine size? I think it will be OK.

I wanted outdoor dining chairs that either folded or stacked and were low maintenance and not as bulky as the ones I own because – we don’t eat out here that often and I want to store things easily. Wish I could store that work out thing Benjamin bought… anyway.

Also, you know me, it has to be adorable. Then I saw chairs similar to the classic brass Italian chiavari chairs (which are also on my purchase radar). The chairs come in white, gold, black, and silver. They are more like outdoor extra seating chairs and reminds me of weddings, but I think they will be pretty adorable with the table and I am not planning on sitting out there for long periods of time, ever. In fact, I’m shocked I even bought another table for outside!

plastic outdoor dining chair black Italian chair style

Can you see my vision? I bought four and I think that will be fine. If I want to seat 6, I’ll pull up my two teak poppy flower chairs from the kitchen garden. But we will see!

I also think I want to get a 3-seater couch to match the rest of the patio furniture I have. Then I can move them around on the lawn, etc. This will go against the back wall. But we’ll wait for this to come back in stock and also see how the dining set looks as it arrives this week.

patio furniture couch outdoor

I considered spending an insane amount on fancy outdoor furniture you know, the idea of crying once (but I’d cry for like a year), but those kinds of pieces are LARGE scale and I’m not putting those pieces in a large area or on the lawn. The patio I’m trying to spruce up is the size of my home office. Tiny.

Did I also mention I am hopeful this leopard coffee table will work out – as a coffee table? It’s really a bench for two. But I think it would look so incredible as a conversation piece. I have thought about painting it black. I was looking at basic dining benches for additional seating or a coffee table and they looked so basic. I’m not basic. *wink*

leopard coffee table


English contemporary patio

Black stacking outdoor chairs (comes in 4 colors) / Acacia wood table (also comes in gray and oval version) / Outdoor couch / Leopard coffee table or bench / Green garden stool

Diana Elizabeth has several home projects up in the air, including more wallpaper… but she can’t decide if she likes the quality of a specific one. Stay tuned, it will be a while as the wallpaper shipping is unfortunately on COVID time. 

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