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I know I’m supposed to write something personal today but for some reason I found more urgency to share this than to talk about myself.  I have a few more personal posts before the new year and I think by then you’ll have just about enough of my random thoughts.  Anyway…


Fortnum & Mason, London

I hope this post doesn’t reach you all too late, but if you’re visiting for parties or dinners, don’t forget to bring a bottle of wine, offer to bring the dessert or salad, or come with flowers.  Just don’t arrive empty handed, no matter what the hostess says.

Ideas for quick and easy hostess gifts:

  • Candle with pretty matches
  • Notepad
  • Flowers in a vase so your hostess doesn’t have to scramble
  • Notecards/Stationery
  • Coasters
  • A Christmas ornament
  • A treasured book
  • Something homemade
  • Cheese

Tip: Go to a specialized local boutique.  Often they will happily gift wrap at no charge and it’ll make it pretty (meaning no $ spent on wrapping or a bag) and possibly include a card!

Diana Elizabeth insists that it’s the thought that truly counts.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.

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  • Ji-Myoung Park

    Dear Diane,

    Thank you for the suggestion about gifts for the hostess.
    I’m Ji-Myoung Park, raised near Toronto, Canada but currently serving as ESL teacher in Korea.
    I love cooking and even went to culinary school for a year.
    Love to host parties and attend them.
    Excited about my trip to Ireland this summer and picking up some gifts there.
    Cheers and best wishes.


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