Pajama Party Time

hanes-christmas-pajamas-girls-pajama-party-ideas-cute-jammies-diana-elizabeth-lifestyle-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-1695a hanes-christmas-pajamas-girls-pajama-party-ideas-cute-jammies-diana-elizabeth-lifestyle-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-1746 Pajamas: Hanes Ultimate Plush Lounge Set (c/o)

It doesn’t matter your age, loungewear will always be the most desirable clothing our bodies want to relax in! As soon as I get home I am always changing into something comfier. And I insist there is no age discrimination when it comes to pj parties with your girlfriends – especially when your party in your pj’s typically lasts past 2 a.m.!

This year is our 11th annual Christmas pajama party (the pajama attire tradition started year 2) and Hanes was so kind to send us holiday pajamas for our party. There are so many different patterns and styles to choose from!

hanes-christmas-pajamas-girls-pajama-party-ideas-cute-jammies-diana-elizabeth-lifestyle-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-1706 hanes-christmas-pajamas-girls-pajama-party-ideas-cute-jammies-diana-elizabeth-lifestyle-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-1769

From festive flannel to micro fleece, there’s a style for every fashionista – or in my case, pajama specialist – in your book. Whether you prefer pants or a night shirt – with pockets, you can find so many different styles and fabric weights on

The tradition with my girl gang is having a dinner, dessert, gift exchange, left right center game in our pajamas. These ultimate plush lounge sets are going to be a huge hit at our party. I’m wearing (this one), it feels like a cloud is hugging me.


Look how plush and soft they are – this is what blankets, and sweet dreams are made of – and they have a stretchy waist band, which is very important considering we will be eating dinner and dessert well through 2 am.

There are enough holiday parties to get dressed up for – why not have a party where people come comfortable so your party will last all night? If you have a regular party, I say turn it into a pajama party, you won’t regret it. And if you haven’t created any traditions yet, why not grab a few girlfriends and start? It’s never too late. I open Christmas gifts with my family dressed up, do you open Christmas presents in your pajamas? I wish we did but my parents liked to take fancy photos of us on Christmas Day in our outfits by the tree, so that’s remained our family tradition.

This also makes me think I want a Thanksgiving pajama party – eh? ;) Now who wants to sit at our table for TG?

hanes-christmas-pajamas-girls-pajama-party-ideas-cute-jammies-diana-elizabeth-lifestyle-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-1763 hanes-christmas-pajamas-girls-pajama-party-ideas-cute-jammies-diana-elizabeth-lifestyle-fashion-blogger-phoenix-arizona-1782

Get a head start on your holiday pajamas for friends and family now at (lots of styles on sale). Check out the mens and the womens here. Have fun celebrating looking cute and being cozy at the same time!


Thank you Hanes for providing pajamas for our party and sponsoring this post.

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party. She continues to blog weekly.


  • Jennifer

    They look so comfortable. Can’t wait to wear mine!

  • Nicole

    I can’t believe it will be 11 years! I love ALL of these PJ’s! Great selection to choose from and I can’t wait to wear mine! Great post and it is definitely getting me in the spirit for the most wonderful time of the year!

  • Brenna

    I spy my cute snowflake jammies and I can’t wait to wear them! It’ll be soooo fun!!

  • Melayne

    Can’t wait to get our Hanes on! These are so adorable D ;) Can’t believe it’s going to be our 11th year…Time flies when you’re having fun tho!
    Love ya girl…xx

  • Molly Marie

    I NEED the pink PJ’s in my life!!! Gah! This shoot reminds me of Mean Girls– but you’re the sweetest girl love your life and all of your pictures! xo


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