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After I was gone for half of August, I came home to a sweet surprise from the hubs – roses that smell so incredibly good and a nice card. I had a few deliveries as well and it’s always nice when Benjamin opens them all for me and they are laid out so I can just see them and enjoy them!

FOREO, one of my favorite companies sent me an incredible package full of goodies, some pictured here (the other goodies included a bluetooth shower speaker, cute USB in the shape of their toothbrush and a glass cup). You may have noticed that I’ve declared myself as the unofficial spokesperson for FOREO. I just love their products so much – we share the same goals – efficiency (less need to charge and less waste)!

I use FOREO’s electric toothbrush, facial cleansing brush and sold my Clarisonic and Sonicare toothbrush! Buh-bye because FOREO’s devices can be charged 1x every 6 months! And their facial cleansing brush doesn’t require any refills. If I could buy every one of you these, I would, but I can’t so I’m insisting that you put this on your Christmas list or buy it for a friend or your mom or sister – really.

The ISSA toothbrush head only needs to be replaced 1x every year or 2x a year depending on the toothbrush head you choose. This one below is the mini, great for travel or smaller mouths.

diana-elizabeth-blog-foreo-issa-luna-review-electric-toothbrush-facial-cleansing-device-9756 diana-elizabeth-blog-foreo-issa-luna-review-electric-toothbrush-facial-cleansing-device-9758

In the box there were some fun postcards with cheeky sayings this one made me laugh. I’m totally going to send them to my friends randomly – a good idea for quick thank you’s!


If you haven’t had the chance to transfer over to FOREO, or try their products, the LUNA play ($39) is a great way to start your conversion.

  • Just push the button on the back for a one-minute cleanse
  • Provides up to 100 full cleansing routines and is non rechargeable
  • Great for travel and when space is limited (like my trip to Thailand)
  • Waterproof
  • 7 colors


Making the switch was so worth it – I love FOREO’s products (2 year warranty) so much you can find them on my shop page here.

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