Fourth of July theme garage with American flag bunting on white garage with black garage door

Happy Fourth!

Fourth of July American flag bunting flags across black garage

appy Fourth of July my fellow Americans (and my international readers I love you too!) Last night Benjamin told me to get outside so he could take a photo of me in front of our garage (see building process here). It’s such a bummer that we are all in our own quarantine land when the Fourth is on a Saturday!! Of all years!

But, I am happy to celebrate this beautiful land I call home and celebrate our freedoms and all the things that makes America what it is! The best country to live in the world, I truly believe it with all my heart. I travel the world and I love experiencing different cultures and learning about their history to no end, it fills me up, but when it comes to where I live, I sure am grateful to call America my home and enjoy the freedoms, conveniences, and freedom to be whoever you want here! It’s true, the American Dream exists!

I put up the bunting three weeks prior to the fourth, and my friend told me I could put it up earlier because of Flag Day – so next year it will go up sooner hah! I felt like I almost died putting it up on the garage, heights are fine with me until I realize I’m in control and that scares me. The railing is only 18″ high so when I leaned over from the top it made me woozy. I wish I could leave them up year-round but then it might not be as special. Plus, I gotta decorate for Christmas in a few months anyway, right? *wink*

I realized our liberty bell lights are patriotic too (small, and large)! I hope you have or had a great weekend whenever you get to reading this. We are so blessed to live in this great country and even if we go through tough times, we’ll get through it and work them out we always do – we’re America after all! xx

Fourth of July theme garage with American flag bunting on white garage with black garage doorred white and blue dress for the Fourth of July, American flag bunting across the garage

Diana Elizabeth says her little house kinda looks like it’s not in Phoenix, a little coastal, where she’d love to be right now!


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