selfie celfie vase roses cute face vase

selfie celfie vase roses cute face vase

I might start a monthly series featuring this babe to show you what I’m growing every month in my garden. Alright now that I typed that, I think every month is probably too ambitious. Maybe whenever I feel like it, hah. I crazy pruned back my roses over the weekend. We own three rose bushes and a rose tree, and two were out of control.

While I pruned those beauties back, I snipped a few from my multi-colored grafted iceberg rose bush (it was the only one at the nursery and I had to have the white and pink mix!), some random florals I have my garden (Queen Elizabeth and iceberg are the only ones I remember) and made a new fresh bouquet mix that smells so good and I love the wild meadow bouquet look.

After I came in the house from rose pruning, I placed an order for two bare root roses from David Austin Roses. I’ve been wanting some garden roses for a while so I decided the email that landed in my inbox was a sign – and also very convenient. I decided on the Desdemona and Lady Gardener (orange). They will arrive when they think it’s ideal planting time for my area which I hope means I have some time to figure out where exactly they will go.

Garden roses have a dense layer of petals – not all of them, but it is a characteristic that most are known for, like a cabbage. You see them in wedding bouquets, unlike the standard roses we buy at the grocery store, which I do love as well, but I enjoy a variety of florals in my garden.

The ruffle look is just so pretty and I don’t have a peach or white rose in my garden – I had a peach colored one last year but there was a spot in our yard that seemed like nothing could survive there – a plum tree died and a rose tree. So, I stuck a bougevvilla in the spot and it’s thriving and loves the sun and lack of water.

I’m not sure where I want to put these but I may replace the honeysuckle that I haven’t been a fan of anyway, along the storage shed, but I also want to see them from inside the house so we will see! I never have a place in mind for the plants I buy, I just like the plant and find a spot!