Christmas hot cocoa snack board

Tips on how to make a pretty hot cocoa Christmas grazing board

I worked on a hot cocoa snack board for an Instagram post and it was too pretty that I needed to also share it on the blog. I thought I’d throw in some tips on how to make a grazing snack board – it’s really easy once you get the hang of it.

Christmas hot cocoa snack boardchristmas holiday hot cocoa snack board how to

worked on this campaign with Gopuff (an app you need to download and also use regularly for snacks and fresh food for $1.95 delivery!) and I thought these photos were too pretty and I worked so hard with the set up that I wanted to share it with you!  I also wanted to share the tips I have on making it pretty because we can all buy the same things but the presentation helps!

How to make a pretty grazing/charcuterie board

  • Buy elegant trays – think large silver plated and crystal – the bigger the better. Find them at thrift stores and just polish them up!
    • Look for trays that have a lip on it so things can stay contained and it’s easier to transport. Handles, a gallery edge. Go BIG, always.
    • Have varying heights – things on a pedestal, a taller tray, elevate some of the items.
  • Have smaller containers for the smaller things that will roll away (m&ms, red hots, nuts) and they can be themed bowls for the holidays or use crystal or glass like I do, because I can use them year round.
    • I prefer not to have too many items that are seasonal due to lack of storage and use over my lifetime.
  • Buy TOO much snacks and food, go overboard. Trust me it ends up not looking enough and you’ll need more than you think. Just head down the snack aisle or online and buy everything that is the holiday theme, don’t worry about who will eat it, someone will trust me.
    • Think colors like white powdered donuts, or chocolate donuts (for Halloween), colored m&ms they have for all holidays, kisses, buy a LOT
    • Consider popcorn, it’s white and will go with a lot of holidays.
    • Buy the PRETTY things, look at the crackers at Trader Joe’s, look for the way the food looks because that’s the ultimate presentation.
  • Add them in sections like pizza slices around the board, nestle some of the bowls inside and a candle or two (not by anything that will melt). If you go light and dark back and forth that will be great for contrast.

This is obviously more of a hot cocoa snack board than a charcuterie board, no meats or cheeses. Also put some candles and fresh florals around – fresh flowers are always a must for holiday parties and buy as many flowers as you can afford!

You can download my hostess checklist I print out before every party and make sure everything is ready before guests arrive!

Download PDF Hostess checklist

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Get $25 to Gopuff when you sign up, seriously I want to buy stock in this company when it goes public that’s how much I believe in it. Also, you can get some winter drinks delivered right now too!

Diana Elizabeth is going to take some time off to the middle of January to purgereorganize and maybe hit up some thrift stores because a lot of people will be donating like her. Time to make room haha! 


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