DIY: Crochet Doily Bike Seat

I was on Pinterest and came across a crochet bike seat cover (here) which made me tempted to take off my bike seat and bring it home to my mom for her to make me a similar cover since she can do all things.   But I realized I had a plastic bin called “Doilies” in storage, made of a nice collection over the year for our backyard reception.  I decided to use some of my favorite colorful pieces to cover this white bike seat I bought at Target.


Step 1

Find doilies you like and rubber band them in the shape.  That way when you crochet, they stay put.  You can see my crochet work, it’s the off white color.  I have no pattern and no method to my madness other than a mission to attach my doilies together.

Click here for a crochet beginner video.

Step 2

Loop through any part you can, just back and forth.  The main part is in the middle and you’ll eventually stretch the crochet to each other under the bike seat. (You don’t have to be all fancy under the seat, no one will see).

Bonus!  I found a long doily and decided to turn it into a little bag.  Grabbed some floral scrap fabric and sewed an envelope lining and sewed the lining to the doily.  I used pinking shears since my serger needs to be serviced. Guess I used it too much.

Step 3

I clipped off some of the flowers since I don’t think it’d feel comfortable sitting on them and attached them to the sides.

It’s time to go cruising!  Maybe if I crochet my bike helmet that would be more wearable.  Or maybe I’d look crazy…

Diana Elizabeth has a mirror not for other bikes but to check her lip gloss.  She calls her mirror the “lip gloss checker.”

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive antique shopper. You can typically find her in her garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next epic party.



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