Chandeliers are up!

You may have been wondering about the bridal boutique I’ve been helping with designing the interior – Bella Lily Bridal.  Well, so much has been going on and after owner Brenda and I had a game plan set with where racks would go, a crazy Pinterest board and a bunch of texts back and forth, I received this updated photo.

Walls are up, paint is done, lights are hung – even the sparkly ones and the flooring is installed!

Picking the wall color was a tremendous challenge as the incorrect lighting was in there so it turned everything blue or a completely different color – you know how lighting and time of day does that.  This color we decided on was a last minute toss in – and ended up being the winner.  Ironically the second runner up was a color called Silver Spoon (my graphic design business is called Silver Spoon Studio).

Here is the storefront at night.  I can’t wait to take good photos for her site – and my design portfolio.  Those racks are ready for wedding gowns and we just need to fill it – and the furniture is already picked out waiting in storage to be moved.

Send all your newly engaged friends if they are on the West Side of Phoenix! More info coming soon – but you can follow along on the store’s Facebook Fan Page.

Isn’t that chandelier just gorgeous?  I love it!

This has been a fun opportunity for me. As you can tell I love decorating, if you haven’t seen my home or office.  I’m always looking through catalogs, blogs, and pinning to my Pinterest boards.  In my mind our 1750 cottage home is now at 40,000 square feet – haha.  So this opportunity of decorating the interior of a store, a bridal boutique of all things has really made me happy that someone would trust my taste.   As a business owner myself I know how important branding is so I’m thankful for the trust and opportunity!  When I work with businesses, I do think of each and everyone one of them (whether still using my services or not) as one of my businesses and I care so much about them and want them to succeed so badly.

In 2005/2006 when things were going bad I had businesses closing their doors that I helped launch.  I was really sad that I asked if there were any last marketing efforts or services I could provide on the house to help them not close their doors – that’s how much every client means to me.  This is my third bridal boutique client – can you believe it?  I guess my style attracts them and I’m not complaining!

The color scheme we picked for Bella Lily revolved around these colors:


I say the word “revolve” because I think just like weddings, you don’t need to pick specific colors like a strict color match.  Instead, pick a color palette, one that evolves similar tones, feelings and go with it.  That way it’s less school team colors and more of an ambiance you achieve.  It also makes your space warmer – if you notice on Pinterest there are adorable offices but there are some who only allow items in their office that match and it just doesn’t give it dimension or warmth. I would hate to not allow something into my space just because it didn’t match a specific color.

The official logo I created:


The signage is modified because we want the emphasis just on the text so it will look like so:


Bella Lily Bridal is named after Brenda’s niece who is the apple of her eye.  The anticipated opening is for January 2015, and when the grand opening happens, I hope you will all meet me there!

Diana Elizabeth is an author, photographer, and obsessive thrift shopper. You can typically find her in the garden wrist deep in dirt, at a local estate sale or planning her next creative themed party. She continues to blog weekly.



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